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Google informs me that the phrase "in the pink" means in very good condition, and is used especially to denote good health.  I like the cliche for its implications.  "In the pink" is certainly apt description for how I feel when I analyze the 2015 3rd Qtr. OBX Real Estate Market Stats.The above m...
Q: How does Joaquin take his espresso? A: With a latte of foam!
Looks like silly string to me!  Very confusing...With bad weather heading our way, be safe everyone! 
The following story recently appear in "Our State" Magazine and was particularly interesting to me because my father was one of those "hundreds of men" who found work during the depression -- building the dunes in the Outer Banks!  I hope you will find it interesting, also!  
Home improvement shows are inspiring some people to opt for the remodel of their dreams. It seems that a host and a homeowner can do anything, but are they doing it correctly? What you DON”T see is the platoon of workers and the professional sub-contractors that work behind the scenes and make th...
Every time I see one of these lists I get excited to open it and discover which one of our tiny towns is being recognized.  This time it is Manteo NC!!!!
In the picture above is the inn located in Rodanthe NC named Serendipity, which a lot of people will remember from the movie, Nights in Rodanthe. The word serendipity originated from the Persian fairy tale of "The Three Princes of Serendip" heroes who  were always making discoveries, by accidents...
Whenever you are buying a home in another location, it is important to check for the health facilities that are available there.  For the Outer Banks area, there are many professional health facilities offering high-quality service. As you are searching for Outer Banks real estate, check out the ...
 Since the release of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws in 1975, the mere mention of the “S” word has gained the ability to quickly spread hysteria throughout seaside populations. The annual, self-induced torment of watching Discovery Channel’s Shark Week strikes fear into the hearts of people safe in thei...
Home prices are low, interest rates are low - real estate is basically having a summer clearance sale! But unlike buying a clearance-priced car or computer, making the wrong move in this real estate sale can have disastrous effects, from losing your dream home due to a bad bid to ending up with a...

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