Life in Sedona, the homes we live in, the community I love.

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This is a blog about life in Sedona, AZ, the homes we live in, the community I love.
Sedona home with studio, hobby rooms and panoramic views Listing Details: 222 Laurel Circle, Sedona, AZ 86336 Price: $829,900.                                                                                                        MLS# 503943 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 4 Other rooms: Studio, office, p...
World class view west Sedona home. Hear no traffic. See no traffic.Details of Offering:3263 Calle Del Montana, Sedona, AZ 86336Offered for sale at: $949,9000.MLS# 503730Four Bedrooms--four baths, 4367+- Sq.ft. of living space For personal attention to your needs call Nora 928-300-5508 This world ...
  Grab your sweetheart, the camera, binoculars and hiking gear, a picnic lunch (or order one from Sedona Memories open 10 to 2. If you call in your order they will add a home made cookie, free) and surprise your honey with a day surrounded by nature in the beautiful Red Rock State Park at Sedona,...
“What’s my biggest problem?”  I asked the home inspector who was just finishing up a home inspection on a house that was being purchased by a client I represent.  “Rats!” he replied. Rats have plagued my life this past year. They eat just about everything! Not only do they eat native species such...
In Arizona, attempting to recover missing funds from a property manager who walks away and cannot  be found is a discouraging process that included filing claims with the Small Claims Court. Legal council was clear: by the time we tried to recover any of the missing funds, our legal fees would li...
    Days ago, I gathered the information the Police Department and the AZ Real Estate Department might need to act on a complaint charging the property management company of missing funds totaling about $13,000.  These documents included a copy of the property management agreement, the latest mon...
That is exactly the question my husband and I are asking: now that the property manager has walked away with $13,000-+ of our funds, what are the options for an acceptable solution or end result? As licensed real estate practitioners, we are well aware that there are such things as the Arizona R...
Two songs sum up the 2013 business year for me. They are: "Those Were the Days My Friend" and "Todo Cambia" (in English "Everything Changes".) The Themes: "Those Were the Days" is reminiscent of how business occurred during the late 1970's. "Todo Cambia" ("Everything Changes:) speaks to how unrea...
The hot, dry climate of your Sedona, AZ home can provide hide-outs for poisonous spiders live in the Sedona, Arizona area. Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders like to hang out in dark, undisturbed areas such as storage sheds, water heater closets, garages, under sinks and in garden gloves or sh...
  “Condominium" is a  legal term used in the United States and in most provinces of Canada. In other areas, there is a wide range of names that describe this type of product. Technically, a condominium is no difference in appearance than an apartment building  one owner retains ownership of the e...

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