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Your home is your biggest investment and if you do not give it the proper care and maintenance, it can become your biggest nightmare. There are many small tasks and projects that need to be attended to on a regular basis, but because they are small, it is easy for them to go unnoticed.In the dail...
During a recent home inspection in Medina County Ohio, North Ohio Property Inspection discovered an often overlooked but important defect.  On the home that was inspected, the downspout from an upper level of roof was directed into a lower level gutter.  This is a common setup which, done properl...
During a recent home inspection in Fairlawn, Ohio, we discovered a fairly common item that we see on homes that are vacant for a period of time.  When a tub in the upstairs bathroom was turned on, water was flowing directly out of the ceiling.  On the surface, this looked like a total disaster. I...

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