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So it looks like rates are moving upwards again.  A few a already moved their rates effective today, but there are still some that are holding off for at least another day.  Now is the time to advise your real estate clients to make their move to purchase! For more on what  mortgage rates we can ...
26 Comments Variable or Fixed that is always the question.  This article I came across in the National Post, gives reasons for both options. For most of our clients we suggest the fixed.  It takes the guess work out of your payments, a...
Hi All, I hope everyone is keeping warm, in this ugly weather! I am passing on an email I recieved from a fellow associate... Potential changes to mortgage financing rulesThere is strong speculation the federal government may further tighten mortgage financing rules; in particular, raise down pay...
Hope Everyone had a great Christmas a New Years!  Hopefully we can start 2011 off with a bang! If you are feeling the hurt of those Christmas bills, now might be the time to speak to a Debt Advisor on how you could be sorting out your money woes.  Maybe a mortgage refiance might be in order...
Got bad credit, but ready to settle down and purchase a home?  Don't let your bank discourage you from your homeownership dreams. It is possible to have poor credit and still be able to qualify for a mortgage.  As a mortgage associate we have access to multiple lenders: there are "A" Lenders who ...
I found a good article in the Financial Post, targeting first time home buyers. To sum it up a little first time home buyers should be doing there homework, AND be realsitic about it.  They ...
I was watching the news this morning and they had a good story on our industry, thought I should pass it on. Kind of ties into the last acrticle I had posted...Canadians aren't fairing that bad.  I personally find it reassuring!
We have had some notification these past couple days from our lenders, letting us know that their rates will be increasing.   If you would like more information or have questions about what it could mean for you or your buyers call 403.320.1833 or email us, Meredith or Shawna!  lethbridgemortgage...
From the sounds of this article  "Canadians handling mortgage debt well," in the Financial Post, we are fairing better than the US.  This may also inspire some to start putting more money into their monthy mortgage payments!
Here is something to think about when it comes to retirement and your mortgage.

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