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I have heard a lot of gripes over the years about people trying to get referrals out of other people. Yes, a lot of the real estate business is built on referrals and I think that's the way it should be. However, I have taken a different approach to getting referrals. I dont ask for referrals, I ...
I recently read a study that said that most people think you need a 20% down payment to buy a house. That is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. It is very common to purchase a house with 3.5% down. The Federal Housing Administration has made this possible. So, if you're one of those people that thought you nee...
Over here at Flagship Financial Group, we do a TON of VA loans. We've actually been given the title of America's largest VA lender for the past couple of years by Scotsman's Guide. But that is neither here nor there. VA has now posted the loan limits for 2012. Keep in mind that if you are a veter...
I ran some numbers through a buy vs. rent calculator for a property across the street from AF high school. Here's what it kicked back. (assuming you could rent a similar house for 1150 a month) Save $115k over ten years. Sign me up! Can I sign you up? Call me at 801.341.7397 or you can hook up wi...
If you are a Firefighter, Teacher, Police Officer, or EMT - boy do I have some news for you. For $100.00 down, you can buy a house for 50% off.   Yes, you heard me right, a house that's listed at $160,000.00 will only cost you $80,000.00 and you only have to put $100.00 down. It's called the Goo...

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