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Merril Lynch is reluctant to buy into Fannie and Freddie now that the g-fees have been raised to cover the cost of the ill conceived tax cut extension, citing that the higher fees create a risk of a dowgrade by credit rating agencies. Another great example of the current administrations lack of b...
One of my job duties is to keep an eye out for new potential branches for our branching company, and right now we are looking for a new branch in Texas. A little about us: Scotsman's Guide's #1 VA lender since 2008 7 of the top 15 VA loan officers are with our company (Scotsman's guide's standing...
For those of us who are not working for banks - we have seen how over regulation can hurt borrowers. (And those of us that work for banks know that as well, but the CFPB thinks that you bank guys dont need to be regulated, or go through strenuous pre-licensing requirements, and i'm gonna stop the...
It's January again. It's that time of year when everyone talks about setting goals. Goals are all well and good, and I don't want this to turn into some post feigning eloquence about how to accomplish your goals. So I'll keep it short and simple. Whether you are reading this as a consumer or a re...
I live in Utah and yesterday I saw a ppc ad on facebook from a realtor in texas. Wasted marketing dollars, I think so. When you are running online ads, make sure you are targeting them so that they are effective! If you are unaware of how to target online ads, feel free to ask me. I'm more than w...
With all of the paperwork, how do you big producers keep track of what papers are needed on which file and what info goes where? I know that there are ways to automate it with software, and people have checklists, I've got my ways. . . However, I thought I'd send a question out to the internet an...
I'm taking a break for Christmas. Hope you enjoyed the joke and you enjoy your holiday, be it Christmas or otherwise!
I am currently doing VA refinances with no appraisal required and no minimum credit score requirement.   If you are interested - contact me at 801.341.7393
I just read an article about the tax cut extension that didn't make it through the house. . . it said "If congress doesn't act:   160 million Americans will see a payroll tax hike averaging $1,000 for each taxpayer. 2.5 million jobless workers will lose unemployment benefits. Doctors serving Med...
The two month extension of the senate's tax cut plan was stopped dead today by the Republican controlled House. The tax cut would have been paid for by a 10 bps fee charged to those buying homes or refinancing starting January 1, 2012. It seems that congress finally made a decision in favor of th...

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