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I work with strategic partners that is looking for a trusting relationship, looking for that team player approach to business & looking and sharing ideas in how to be unique. I take the positive approach to the challenges of our professions. Embracing change, accepting change and taking everyday as a new beginning. Trusted advisors are looking for those solutions, the missing piece to someone's puzzle and saying, "I have it!"
Statistics say that most people renting feel they cannot qualify to own their own home. That is not true. There are many programs that can help those renting get into a home with very little down and more often than not the house payment will be less than their current rent payment.If buyers have...
    It has been said that offers to purchase are stronger if you have a Pre-approval. Pre-Qualifications are weaker because it is based on conversations only with the buyer. But what if you have a Pre-approval and you find out it was only based on a conversation not verified information? I just ...
     Excited about finding their dream home and ready to write the offer. One day on the market and 10 showings. Sound familiar? You write the offer and you are 1 of 6 that day. Your's is FHA 3.5% down and it does not make it. Seller is a little nervous in case the appraisal is low. Conventional ...
OK let's play hooky for a few minutes. You know put the sign out Gone Fishin'. Chill out. No political stuff, no real estate, no mortgage stuff just have fun with it.   Here we go!   FALSE ______________________!   My answer is FALSE TEETH!
  One day I was driving to work. The same route I always take early in the morning. It was a very busy day. You know one of those mornings that unfinished task from the day before carried over. No radio on just the breeze of the open window and the sun rising. I decide it was time to talk to GOD ...
  1. The Martial Home When a martial home is involved in a divorce, you should think, “What is my objective for this crucial asset?” Will it be sold, refinanced, or retained at this point?    Keep in mind when both people are on the mortgage, the only way someone is removed from this liability i...
    The first Part of being pre-approved for a future mortgage is making sure your  credit is the best it can be when you get pre-approved. It just makes sense that  if you have higher credit scores, you will pay a lower interest rate on your mortgage loan and will have to put less down. Checkout...
    Many people ask how they can purchase a home without using all of their savings in today's market. Michael Cauley a Certified Mortgage Planner, explains the options you have as well as all the benefits that the FHA loan has to offer today and in the future. Assumable mortgages in the years to...
The Northern Lights in Michigan are breathtaking. If you have not been here you have to visit. If you are thinking of living here this is one of many reasons to live in Michigan. Beautiful Northern Lights just light up the sky's in Michigan. Where are your favorite place that give you the feeling...
WORD OF MOUTH BUSINESS. WHO DO YOU KNOW                                                                               THAT I SHOULD KNOW?   My last couple of appointments I have had have been absolutely awesome. In fact, the last one I had I referred out 5 referrals for my one client. It is so im...

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