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 I have written a blog about my newbie status a few tmes, in the short time I have been a member on Active Rain. Each time I am so surprised that I receive such quick, helpful and friendly responses. Evertime I enter the site I see many members are on. I am wondering why there is no chat room or ...
We just wanted to notify any member that is trying to find a vacation property in Florida , that we still have many beautiful ones available. This is not typical, but It seems the economy is impacting the normal amount of "snowbirds" that we usually served. By the time we are in November, I would...
I need some advise from the creative members on Active rain, I have a website that a player can win a home a "sellere" can place their home on and recieve the value of the home in entry fees and a realtor can bring players or listings and receive commision. It is a new site and I want to generate...
I am not sure who will serve us better as president or if either one will or can undo all the damage . We are all in need of a change for the better, whether rich or poor. Or actually if you uUSED to be rich !!! One thing I am sure of is that we need to have a fresh start, I for one am anxious to...
I began this new learning experiance just yesterday. After becoming a little crazy and obsessive, I finally closed the computer at 4 am this morning. I awoke to a lot of new emails generated from the blogs and posts i had stayed up doing all night. I was so surprised and pleased to find with the ...
Late , he would !!! I was up all night navigating it, until 4P.M. As  my husband turned during the night , he would sleepily grunt "it's 2 , then 3 then it's 4 a.m I filled in all the information about me and our companies. I wrote a blog . I read and posted to some others blogs, and by the way, ...
The www.Perfectplace .netIs a corporate housing business that has been serving South Florida for over 20 years. In september we launched a new website The website is a well designed and well planned contest site for winning a home or listing one for the prize. The own...

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