RECENT BLOG POSTS Above is a link that will direct you to Freddie Mac's website.  This particular page talks about Homeownership and requires the reader to ask the question if Homeownership is or is not right for him/her. I had a conversation with a coworker yesterday about this exact to...
I attended an event this morning that was based on social media and how different forms of social media can be used to enhance a business and/or brand. The information that was presented was informative, exciting, and overwhelming, and, I realized, knowledge of these tools may be critical for bu...
Sharing an article that was posted on Foreclosures accounted for 43 percent of Twin Cities home sales in March by Annie Baxter, Minnesota Public Radio April 12, 2011
  The link below is an article that was published in the Wall Street Journal. This article talks about credit scores, how a late house payment may affect your credit, and how long it may take for your credit to improve after a late payment history on a credit report.
Click on link below to read about mortgage interest rate tax deduction.....
Click on the link to read this article from the Mpls Star Tribune.  Minnesota home sales rise, bucking nationwide trend  
  Exerpt from an article from The National Journal "New-home starts may be depressed to historically low levels, but most Americans still aspire to a place of their own. Roughly four-fifths of those who responded to the poll say they consider owning a home a better financial decision than renting...
I have joined US Bank Home Mortgage! I will be working in the St. Anthony US Bank location.
Sharing a blog post I found interesting.  This post on "The Skinny" was done by MAAR and talks about weekly market activity in the Mpls area for the week ending March 5, 2011.
Article below from RealtorMAg

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