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Last night was the night! I have a handful of rentals. Every year we give ALL our renters a "Good Renters Gift". We explain it is NOT a Christmas gift and we have already got our gift from them in the form of rent paid and NO damages. This year I had 3 new renters and none of them had heard of th...
I was starting on my annual desk clean-out. Sorting paper clips and rubber bands. I always have files to throw out and papers I copied and saved. They must have had some importance at the time. Then it hit me. If we someday are completely paperless, What will we do?  I was really doing all this t...
I was reflecting back to the late 70's when I was the Lead painter in the Body shop for a Porcshe-Audi dealer. Some years we were given a Ham and others a Turkey at the holidays. I think my real question is. am I reading too much into this? Or  were they trying to send a message? The message coul...
This blog idea came to me as I was responding to a Lenn Harley reblog. I had missed the original by Kathy Streib. Their blog was about a Nation Men"s making dinner holiday, go read it! I have done almost all the cooking from the day we got married almost 39 years ago. I knew how and my wife did n...
I have discussed over the years how I don't let Buyers use restrooms in occupied homes. This is the biggest reason. There are plenty of other reasons why I think it is just plain wrong. If you go back to one of my recent blogs you will see upfront it did not work well in a vacant home. The Seller...
Just a question that came to mind and I hope someone has an answer. Yesterday while in the store getting Halloween candy I was noticing all the candy wrapped in orange and black wrappers. I just now returned from the store. I was thinking I could get some 1/2 priced Halloween candy, NOPE. They ha...
A few months ago I bought an HP 6100 printer. After awhile it was making a screeching noise like finger nails on a chalk board. It was upsetting everyone in the office. I called HP and they said we will send a replacement and a shipping tag to receive the old one back, no charge. A few days later...
Does anyone know if there will still be a Thanksgiving this year. Last year I wrote a simlar blog that Thanksgiving had been cancelled. I had been to a large "warehouse chain store that had Christmas stuff up in July. This week I was in another large chain store that has a "seasonal"section". On ...
I unplugged this last weekend, it was scary. This was as close to our 38th anniversary as possible to get away. She wanted to bring her WORK laptop and her personal one. I said NO and MINE isn't going either. My phone did get a couple calls that I need to take that we expected in advance. Beyond ...
I have in a joking manner recommended this to fix ills, such as colds and flu. Now that the season is here I find myself thinking of this. Yesterday Roger Mucci was mentioning he was under the weather, I don't remember if I gave him this advice or not. So where did I get this idea? I grew up in a...

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