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About a week ago I wrote a blog about "Where have the attention spans gone". It probably was more of a rant than a rave. Yesterday I had 2 incidents the caused me to stop and think, maybe its me. Both incidents I went to different drive up coffee stands.  My order was a 12 ounce coffee with a ver...
This week I have a rental home that was last on the rental market 7 years ago. The few I have, do NOT turn often. If you leave me at 3 years you are a "short timer". I have been busy changing, locks.shower curtains and toilet seats. that just something I do. It had been 9 years since it was paint...
I have a handful of rentals I own and manage myself. I don't get a lot of turn over so I am shocked by what has changed with potential tenants. If you leave in less than 3 years you are a short timer to me. I have had one turn over before the end of the year and have another one coming in a week....
Lately I have been seeing commercials on TV, (maybe I watch too much) about cars than can park their selves. They will brake if you are distracted and about to hit something. They will keep track of blind spots. All this technology sounds great! What does not sound great is the price. With all th...
This morning I experienced a situation that took me back to 1979. I was heading out to the grocery store 6 miles away to get some sale items. I wanted to beat the "Super Bowl crowd". The folks getting last minute chips, beer and all the junk food the cart will hold. I left home and part way there...
This ought to be an interesting discussion! When I comment on someones blog that is a day old it quite often is not commented back on. Some people don't comment back at all. When I was new I didn't for awhile as I did not understand the system. When someone gets a zillion responses and they are b...
I have encountered several people in person with colds and the Flu lately. I also have noticed the evening news have reported heavily on it too. It seems we were always told mom's home made chicken noodle soup was the thing to do. It got me to thinking, what do the noodles have to do with it? Any...
There is a post this morning about Sellers have webcams to record Buyers coming thru. My blog today is the other side of privacy invasion. I have Buyers that want to take pictures of the inside of homes to keep track of what they saw. On vacant homes I guess you can, but there are plenty on the M...
Say what? That's a loaded question as good as "does this dress make me look fat"? That one has NO correct answer but that's another blog. I was thinking how I start my morning with coffee and Reading some blogs here. There are some I can count on to already be here as I am a west coaster. Roger, ...
Roger has said a few times in the past, that when the "Super Store" is built, he wants to cash in some points for a Washer/Dryer set. Some of the younger generation have probably never heard of an S +H store. Back when I was a kid the folks would get a stamp for every 10 cents they spent on groce...

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