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This post was inspired by Rene Fabre post and video of Wordless Wednesday. I have been told for years to NOT turn the light out in my office. Papers breed in the dark and there will be 10 times more of them when you return in the morning. Is this true? It seems like it to me. What would happen if...
Today is the 6th annual food drive for Lane County Oregon. What is different is it is the first time the Florence Oregon Realtors have joined in!Florence Oregon is out in left field on the Oregon coast. We also have different situation as the food and cash will stay local. Our Local Florence Food...
I have been chewed out countless times. "You are using my good scissors". Give me the bad ones then. They don't exist anywhere.The other day I went to the store to buy some Bad Scissors so I could have my own. You can't, no one seems to sell them. Your thoughts? Has this happened to you?
Are carrots conscience suave? My family loves raw carrots and we all hate cooked ones. This morning I picked up a few ingredients to go with what I had, to make a beef stew for lunch.I just knew when I was at the store would not need carrots we always have some. I grabbed a red potato,turnip,ruta...
In Oregon we use Escrow company's that collect the money and record the transfer with the County. Then the proceeds are divided and paid out. this would include Title fees back taxes, commissions and anything else to make a clear title before giving the Seller their proceeds.After signing it usua...
This last few months I have kept a marking pen in the kitchen to mark the date things are opened. Some things like sauerkraut I buy on a whim and don't use it a lot. I am not interested in eating it 90 days later even if it is suppose to still be good. I find this useful in tracking how often I d...
I wonder if the Buyers sometimes "just settle"? The home they end up with is NOT what they really want. With the "hot" market and low inventory is this possibly going on? I suspect when some miss out by waiting too long to offer or get beat by multiple offers, this is the case.Your thoughts?
This post was an idea that came to me after I read a blog this morning by Robert J Russell titled "How far would you drive to take a listing"?  I was thinking "how far would you drive showing homes that are NOT really in area? I was thinking lots of liability when you are out of your market area ...
I did a different blog over a year ago about people assuming we have "smart phones". I didn't and do now after a couple embarrassing situations mentioned in that blog. Now about Email, we assume everyone has one. Not so fast. The majority of my clients are 55+ and when it comes to dealing with th...
The post was inspired by Margaret Romes blog about getting a flu shot then getting the flu. I hope she is better as the flu can be nasty. I got a shot and so far, NO flu. I heard on the news that the "Decision Markers" got it wrong and the shots are  12% effective. So where is my 88% REFUND???

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