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Information on Council Bluff, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska's Real Estate market and the NP Dodge Company the oldest Real Estate in America.
   Bank Owned / REO / Foreclosed Homes???? NP Dodge has incorporated a fully functional search solution for Bank Owned / REO / Foreclosed homes for the Omaha Nebraska area and Council Bluffs Iowa area.  I just did a search for only those listings that are new and are Bank Owned / REO / Foreclosur...
Upbeat Economic Indicators Give Americans Hope That Worst May be Over   RISMEDIA, March 28, 2009-(MCT)-A run of encouraging economic reports that have recently been released may mean the worst, panic-inducing stage of the economic downturn is over. Emphasis on the word may. "I think there are sig...
Your Vote Counts! Please vote for Robert Wiebusch as Your Top '30 Under 30' Realtor Finalist at http://tinyurl.com/d7qm8a A combination of integrity, intelligence and determination in helping others to obtain their goals. Robert Wiebusch possesses these characteristics and others that he demonst...
"targ Velocity reports the relative change in daily Attention. Velocity is used to determine the relative growth of a domain over a particular timeframe or compared to other sites. Velocity is an effective way to measure the impact of planned (or unplanned) events, such as new advertising campaig...
Time Magazine just put out an article about the 'Top 10 Most Endangered Newspapers in America' this past Monday.  I just heard that the Seattle Post-Inteligencer has printed it's last edition and has yet to decide if it will keep up with their website edition.  This is the oldest newspaper in the...
Where are you going to market your listings? Where should you concentrate your marketing efforts in 2009? What strategies work with today's consumers and which ones should be re-evaluated? The NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers for 2008 provides us with some great clues. Did you know...Eleven...
The stimulus bill has passed and though it did not contain a tax credit for all buyers it did enhance and extend the tax credit for first time buyers. This will help us gain some more traction in the real estate market and will help free up more sellers who will then be able to take advantage of ...
We are looking for business to improve in 2009 and for the opportunity to do what we do best helping buyers and sellers accomplish their goals. The real estate market has been in a state of "uncertainty" for some time now. People are waiting for something to happen. I challenge you ramp-up your e...

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Information on Council Bluff, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska's Real Estate market and the NP Dodge Company the oldest Real Estate in America.