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I just want to take a moment and wsih everyone a very Merry Christmas, A special treat is in this shor video - I have posted the original, earlier in the month - but check out this version of "It's Called Christmas with a Capital 'C' " and tell me these guys are not having FUN!
Buying a home has many different aspects.  As a REALTOR® my job begins when I first meet my buyers and LISTEN to what they are looking for.  If I believe I can HELP - then we are off to look at houses, until we find the right home in the right neighborhood.My job, as a REALTOR® then progresses as...
Here is a great article form one of the best home inspectors in the industry. I started off with a simple explanation of what I believe a REALTORS® role is in the inspection process and it turned into a full blown post - so please do me a favor and read this article and then jump over to the comp...
Start by finding out its worth. Contact a Top Agent for a comparative market analysis, an informal estimate of value based on the recent real estate selling price of similar Hemet - San Jacinto, CA neighborhood properties. Or get a certified appraiser to provide an appraisal.My own personal speci...
Well, I came up with an idea yesterday for creating a new niche in the Hemet - San Jacinto Real Estate marketplace - one that I believe no one is targeting.  You can read the general outline of this untapped market at the article I published, called - 2010 - Creating a New Niche in the Hemet - Sa...
I have been reading the book by Gary Keller, SHIFT How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times.  I have to say it is pretty amazing and full of lots of ideas on a dozen different topics that I covered in my earlier post.I've set a goal for myself to cover each of these 12 topics in a separate b...
OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL SUES THE BANK!  Wow, I couldn't believe this when I got my latest copy of "Mortgage Fraud Blog" newsletter published by attorney Rachel Dollar.  If you are not familiar, you should check out the link - Ms. Dollar does a fantastic job of repeating on real estate fraud - speci...
Profit - It may be a dirty word in the current economic cycle we are in and with the administration we have running things in both Sacramento and Washington - but by God, Capitalism is what really made this country strong and great.I for one do not get up in the morning to see how much deeper in ...
As I sit in my home office in the last few days of 2009 it is easy to look back and see what a great year I have had, while so many others have suffered and lost so much.There go I but for the grace of God...Well, the end is not as good as the beginning - business has systematically been reduced ...
2010 - Time to SHIFT GearsWhen I first was licensed to sell real estate in California I was blessed to receive a copy of Gary Keller's then new book "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent".  Since I got into this business in an unusual way, I did not have a mentor guiding my path or anyone else looki...

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