The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year offered some great insight into technology. Companies are constantly trying to develop new technologies that can make our business operate more efficiently while hopefully making our lives easier. These “Hot” new items can be used fo...
“All real estate is local,” the saying goes. But what buyers and sellers really want to know is “hyper”-local information – the numbers and news that affect their specific community’s neighborhoods. When an agent shares information about the first day of school, the date of the high school footba...
While your Real Estate business is arguably good enough to speak for itself, and you are no doubt one of the busiest agents in your area, it’s still crucial for you to make sure you focus on your marketing strategy. We’re already one month into the New Year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to...
Seth Godin is a terrific writer and understands business acquisition very, very well.  From his Blog, this is a must read for anybody who has customers of anything.  That’s everybody, isn’t it?
We’re very excited about our new leadership, in place for 2012.  Click HERE to read all about it in our latest Press Release.
MRED CEO Russ Bergeron talks real estate in the business section of the Naperville Magazine
By: Jeff Lasky, MRED Director of Communications and Training       OK, maybe I don’t say it as well as somebody like Seth Godin, so I’ll leave it to him.   Caring is a competitive advantage.  This applies to your real estate business every bit as much as it does to our business here at MRED.   Cl...
Click HERE to see our CEO’s latest article in CAR’s magazine.
By: Lani Rosales /AGBeat Advertising to Millennials For years, we’ve written about marketing to Millennials not only because several of us are actually in the Millennial/Generation Y category, but because it is a highly misunderstood generation. Only 20 percent of people 30 and under are married,...
BY:  Ed Leighton, MRED Help Desk Analyst People at the gym are a little baffled by my ability to hold a book and read it while working out on the elliptical machine.  How is it that I can maintain a steady enough hand to read while bouncing to the rhythmic pace of the machine?  And, since they ar...

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