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Mother's Day is such a special day since you only have one mom. I lost my mother at the age ofsixteen on my sixteenth birthday. Talking about a unforgettable birthday right. The reason I can have a sense of humor is only because I now have a better relationship with my mother now than in the past...
Today is the most wonderful est day,because God woke me up this morning. Many thing I am thankful for from the blessing of the Most High. In this earth  I am thankful for today is the rain. Why you may say, because when the rain comes down it help replenish the earth. Helps cleans the earth and f...
This is a question that I am truly seeking. I've been working for my self on and off about ten years. I have always believed that I am a millionaire and will help many of people. I always tried new ventures not hesitating to take a risk. Now I find myself constantly feeling like I'm choosing not ...
Today I will make it short and sweet no matter what you are going through don't lay down or don't give up. Keep on moving with a positive attitude and things will work in your favor.
Ive been learning so much from  the members of Active Rain. I understand that we are in a financial crisis right now. I said that to say this we are the United States of America and with God and us as a people sticking together we can get threw anything. People need to be taking care more than ev...
I'm working with this client in credit repair and just like most people he was pretty skeptical when it comes to this type of service. I understand because there is a lot of companies not doing what they say they can do. So this client has been in credit repair for a about a month. Every week he ...
I may not have the years of experience like the majority of the people in this network. So this is what I have to say. I'm in the credit restoration field in I talk to mortgage brokers and realtors everyday. The first thing I here is that there not getting that many loan application and then I he...
Greetings from Trinity Credit Repair,   Over the last few months we have had a lot of questions from our partnered real estate companies and mortgage brokers about our processes and procedures. So we decided to addres...

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