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Call or email me today for a free list of bank foreclosed properties and short sale listings in MA. Foreclosure rates are on the rise. It is not news anymore. In fact, it's no longer funny to banks and sellers. Both are taking large financial hits. One of Dallas Morning News Real Estate reported...
As-Is or Is It? You always know to cover all of your bases to a 'T' with investment purchases because something always comes up!   One of my investor clients from out of state wanted to purchase a property which currently has a tenant in place and wanted to make an Offer and get a Contract in ha...
The bottom line on pricing with nearby foreclosures and short sales:  Consult a full-time professional, a Realtor.  In some cases, value will be affected ... other-times, it will not.  A Realtor can share detailed market knowledge and may have had the opportunity to preview comparable properties....
Is it possible to hire a home inspector who does such a terrific and thorough job that listing agents cringe when they hear his name? I have heard grumblings from previous home buyers who had hired a bad home inspector. And, of course, the person they blame is the buyer's agent. They believe tha...
Should I list now or wait until spring ? I received a call yesterday from a consumer who said "Chris, I know it is not a great time to sell.  Should I put my properties up now or wait until spring ? " .  What is interesting is that I have found myself answering this question frequently and I have...
  Shopping for a mortgage can be such a confusing process, even for those that have bought a home or refinanced previously. And in this first time homebuyers series, the biggest thing that I can't stress is the ability to pick that loan officer who will have your best interest at stake.  I don't ...
Below are the Top 5 things I took away from the seminar taught by marketing consultant, trainer, speaker, author (Jennifer Cummings) at the "Millionaire Maker Potato Chip Marketing" seminar at the NJ-NY-PA "Triple Play" regional real estate convention in Atlantic City this week. Perhaps you read ...
    You might find this odd, coming from a man. But I soooo love deals and I actually like different kinds of shopping, especially when I find great deals.   Overall, most of us love a great deal or what I call, "a great steal". Because of today's economy, I think we seek deals more than ever bef...
Yep.... you heard it right.  I am refusing to buy into Detroit Michigan's recession.  I am not going to doomed and gloomed by the media.  I can't afford to be scared.  Me and my family are making a stand!!!  WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS YEARS RECESSION I'm not participating in this ...
As I sat catching up on my friends status updates on Facebook & Twitter the other day, I noticed one friend in particular always had the same updates (verbatim) on duplicate networks.  After a little digging I found out how he does it - and now I'm a raving fan! I'm not certain this is the exact ...

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