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Selling a home during cooler months of the year is not entirely a wasted effort. The truth is that many people continue to seek homes during these months and the number of sales does not decline that much as compared to spring and summer selling seasons.   Consider this: sure, there may be fewer ...
There are a few things you can do to stand out in the crowd, making buyers instantly want your house over other homes.  By following my four tips below, you will find that your home will generate more interest, you’ll likely receive more offers and when it comes time to sell, you will likely get ...
What makes a good Realtor GREAT?  Usually the answer is very simple.  Loyalty.  And this is something that definitely goes both ways.  When you have a loyal agent, you can count on quality transactions that are conducted with the utmost integrity and best interests of the client in mind.    Conve...
Cumaru is a wood decking material that is absolutely gorgeous plus it has some excellent properties you won’t find with other standard types of decking lumber. Also called Brazilian Teak, the gorgeous reddish brown and sometimes golden tan color mixes in dark grain accents as well. The best part ...
After what may seem the longest ever housing slump, we are finally seeing some great conditions after five, seven years that are leading to even greater results for countless Americans. There are many reasons for this increase in activity and today I wanted to share them with you. If you have bee...
Buying a foreclosed home can be bittersweet. If you are not careful you stand to face a great deal of financial risk, not to mention the frustration of wanting and pursuing a home that could be lost to you in the end if precautionary measures are not taken. These steps can and will protect you fr...
It’s no surprise that many homeowners continue to seek time, energy and money-saving energy options for their homes – and one of the best options remains using solar energy.  Solar panels have been around for a while, in fact, for many decades and as with any technological advancement, they have ...
Kalamazoo County was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Dr. Nathan Thomas’ Underground Railroad House in Schoolcraft was in operation for twenty years. 1,000 to 1,500 escaping slaves were given food, shelter and medical aid. 

In 2000, Kalamazoo Valley Museum was voted the top small museum in ...
Almost anyone can buy a home – and these days, most everyone wants to, given the historically low mortgage rates and the very low home prices. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer considering a new home, someone who has endured a short sale but are ready to rebuild and become a homeowner again,...

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