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Use this link to determine the loan limits for Conforming, FHA, and FHA Reverse mortgages: On the same note, Lenders started publishing the rates on the "jumbo" conforming loans.  It looks like the rates are similar to what Jumbos used to be, about .3...
last week the Treasure Valley was designated a "declining market" by 2 of the major mortgage insurance companies.  I would expect the rest to follow.  What does this mean?No matter what approval you have from the lender, you now have a situation where the mortgage insurance companies will not ins...
If you haven't talked to your commercial loan officer lately, you should.  I was shopping a deal today that a month ago I would have had several sources, now I have one for this property type.What I'm being told is that the liquidity crisis is really affecting the commercial lending business.  We...
With the recent guideline changes by the Mortgage insurance companies not allowing mortgage insurance on 100% loans without a 680 fico, government loans are looking attractive.Government loans have a self insured mortgage insurance usually called a funding fee or MIP, in the case of FHA loans.  T...
The recent economic stimulus bill included raising the FHA loan limits for 2008.In Idaho, the limits for most counties will be $271,050.  some counties such as Ada, Boise, Gem, Owhyee and Canyon will see limits of $303,750.  In Blaine county, the limit is $427,750. Kootenai is at $286,250.  Teton...
The new FHA loan limit is now $271,050 versus $230,850.  This puts most of the homes in the state under this limit.  As conforming loans have more restrictions and guideline changes, FHA has got several advantages:No minimum credit score.  Instead the underwriter will look at the credit history a...
I just received news about Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac guideline changes that could have an affect on our business. appears only to affect NY, but I can see Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rolling this to ...
With the President's signing of the economic stimulus bill, more details have emerged.The bill sets the FHA and conforming Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac loan limits to the lesser of $729,750 or 125% of an area's median home sales price. If 125% of an area's median home sales price is below the current c...
The  economic stimulus bill, expected to be signed in to this week, contains some welcome relief for homeowners.  The maximum loan limits for "conforming loans" will be increased.  In some, high costs areas, it could be as much as $729,750.  FHA loan limits are also increasing, but I don't have t...
One of my account executives gave me this. Its a quick way to see if your home might come up as in a "declining market" and be subject to the LTV reduction. is not the only one, but its very fast.Make it a great day! Roger 

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Idaho Mortgages, Idaho FHA Mortgages, Idaho Rurual Development Mortgages, Idaho Mortgage News and Current Events