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We have all heard people talking about authorized users on a credit report. Truth is it does not work anymore. It will not effect the score in a positive manor as it did in the past. The credit reporting agencies have revamped the scoring models so that an authorized user will not impact the scor...
I am employed in the credit repair industry. I have seen both sides of the fence. I have mortgage and loan officers that are calling me on a weekly basis to get their potential customers to me and I have talked to mortgage officers that run as fast as they can the other direction when they see me...
Settlements are always (or should be) a huge part of credit repair. If one of your customers decides that they want to settle a debt with a collection company they need to remember one key point. Try to get them to ask the company for a settlement in writing that will state "The debt will not be ...
I AM NOT SELLING LEADS! RMCN does in the neighborhood of about 500 clients per month. 90% of the people in credit repair are looking to refinance or get into a new home. The other 10% just want better credit. We have a very aggressive advertising program and when we get peoples credit fixed they ...
Nobody can give you a number when you ask them how much a score should go up. Any company that does this is lying. There are alot of factors in credit scoring. Your revolving accounts need to stay under 30%. Anything over this will actually start dropping yoru score. How long these accounts have ...
This is an excellent question. It is a question that I am asked on a daily basis. The answer is don't trust anyone. Make a company earn your trust. Ask alot of questions. How long have they been in business? (ask for actual calendar years) How many employee's do they have on staff? Do they lease ...

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