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One of the applicable laws for credit restoration that is seldom stated is "The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). This law is used primarily dealing with fraud. It establishes processes for investigating indenty theft, filling out fraud affidavits, and adding fraud alerts to bure...
I honestly think my head is going to explode. There are only 10 thousand credit repair companies in the world today. Who's is legitimate? Who is a crook? How do I know I am sending my client to a reputable and honest company. If the government would get off of there butt's and make these companie...
This is one of the largest problems we face. "My spouse is supposed to keep this up to date and he didn't so its not supposed to be on my credit report!" Fact is in almost all cases contract law supersedes judgements. You and your spouse had a binding contract with the car dealership and because ...
How are these collections on a credit report from 1996?  This is the biggest scam of all scam's and it is actually legal. I see things on credit reports today from 1992. Simple medical bills or cell phone bills. What the heck happened to the 7 year rule or should I say myth?A creditor sells the d...
This is a daily task for me. Every other person or mortgage officer that call's me has a question on judgments, BK's or tax liens. These require a bit more work but are not real difficult to get off of a credit report. Once the item has been satisfied, dismissed, or discharged we have a really go...
DTI is a common problem and I get several calls from mortgage officers asking questions on it. What should I have the client pay? First and foremost I would have them pay on the credit card debt. Paying this down will not only help the DTI but also help the FICO score. I have had several question...
I have a couple that just finished my program. They went from a hight 400 score to a mid to upper 600. Where do they need to be for a conventional 30 year fixed rate on a $200,000 home? Any advice is helpful.
Credit Tip of the day is on the FICO Score!Your credit score is based off of 5 different areas:35% Is your Payment Histroy30% Is your Amounts Owed15% Is Lenght of Credit History10% Is new credit10% Is types of credit in use.If you are trying to help a customer quick you may want to look at the "A...
O.K. folks! I have signed up 12 people sent to me from mortgage officers today! Come on.....give em to me. Lets get these people fixed and in a house. Its Friday and I am ready to change someone's life! What mortgage officer out there needs some free help closing some customers? GOD I LOVE MY JOB!
Why would anyone use a credit repair company when they can do it themselves? Good question! Lets discuss this thinking.Credit is absolutely necessary for most people to live the life they want. There are (and I know some of them) mortgage officers, loan officers, and real estate agents doing cred...

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