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Being the member of a large family, I hear from them on our family site (Yahoo has group sites that are free and absolutely awesome for keeping the whole family up to date) almost daily.  Sure does make me appreciate living in North Carolina.  My sister Mary lives in the Rocky Mountains at about ...
This entry is to ask for an opinion from real estate agents or homeowners who could imagine themselves in this position.  Here is the situation:  A new interchange is built on the Interstate with a cloverleaf type design and the road crossing the interstate is upgraded to a four lane highway.  Th...
Sometime around the tax preparation tasks, there are also those tasks associated with our home and yard maintenance to keep it at it's maximum value.  Besides that, to me when the Spring weather breaks even just a little, I want to be out cleaning up the yard and looking for early blooms and blos...
In the Charlotte area, finding out where available commercial listings for sale or lease are can sometimes be difficult.  You can always check out the commercial websites: and click on CPE (for commercial property exchange)  or  try .    Unless you are paying membe...
Just stopped by the new construction neighborhood of Glen Grove near Harrisburg, NC, yesterday.  MI Homes is one of builders there.  I learned that they are offering 4 new floor plans and starting a new phase with wider lots, some up in the quarter acre range.  Those are nice sized for new constr...

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