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The market is getting ready to make its turn...Are you still there?  You can feel the change in the economy and the atmosphere about our market, but unfortunately you have people with a defeated attitude.  You can tell by the way you comment on your last listing appointment.  Some told there pote...
   There was a Realtor that recently had a transaction with a client that had went around to several different Realtors until they found the one that they wanted.  I know this is typical but here is the unconventional part.  The client went to a Realtor that was friends with one of the Realtors t...
     Have you received the bad news yet...the market is changing.  I recently sold a home that I believe according to the comparables that was adequately priced.  I pulled up the comps (like we all do) and agreed with the sellers on a reasonable price as I thought that there would be plenty of wi...
In my last blog I talked about the network and the people that are in it.  I am pleased to inform you that the network is real and when we realize the importance of treating the people that have surrounded themselves around us then we would be the better for it.  Picture this:  there network can ...
With the market leveling out the question that has been asked by most of my friends and family has been: How are you surviving?  I thought about what I would say for a minute and I gave a three part answer.  The first part of the answer is the blessing of God.  We could not possibly survive witho...
 TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE MARKET....IT ISN'T READY FOR THE COMEBACK YET!!!!  With that said, take a look at the current listings on the market.  Do you see a trend?  We have a lot of houses on the market with last years prices.  The market is leveling itself out and the prices are now where they a...
As we reflect on the 4th quarter of real estate we begin to see the price on the market begin to balance itself back a realistic expectation.  But really, what does that mean to us (real estate professional and house owners/purchasers)?  it means that if you are going to list or consider put a ho...
When people look for a person with Honor and Inegrity, does your name have value?  We focus so much on closing the deal that we forget sometimes forget that value of your service is ultimately connected to your name.  If you name has no value, can you really say that you give the very best servic...
When is right time to tell someone that, "Enough is Enough!" Where is you level of comittment? Have You Lost Focus on What Is Important? Where is Your Faith that It will Come to Past?  It's not in the question, it is in the capacity of the answer that makes you who you are.   Last Question: Can G...
I was wondering with the the thousand of Real Estate Professionals that are in the area (and ones in your company), what separates you from the pack and I thought it from several perspectives and this is what I came up with: 1. The Favor of God- If you are in a place or job that is Ordained by Go...

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