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Have you ever been this tired? My Grandson is refusing naps and sometime his body just gives up or should I say gives in. Take a little time for just you today.
  If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.   Of course this isn't true in the literal sense, but think about what it might mean to you and your business.  Are you d...
Before you decide to buy a house, perhaps an examination of conscience is in order. *  Why did you choose this month or this week or this day to buy a home? *  Have you been influenced by your girl/boyfriend, parents or others? *  Have you talked to a lender? *  Have you talked to a Realtor? *  D...
  Take yourself to a place where the landscape is lush, where bright vibrant color punches through the greenery, where a spirited people embrace a slower pace.  Think spicy, think savory, think texture, think MUSIC.  Where are you?......The Caribbean, of course. The Caribbean is coming to your ow...
                                                              Is there anything sweeter than a new baby?  I was able to welcome my second grandson last week...all 8lb. 6oz. of him.  Here is a tender (but rare) moment with his big brother who is almost 2. I would hear over and over again what a wo...
There are things I want you to know about getting your home ready to sell.  There are so many things to think about, but making the BEST, first impression is paramount.  So here are a few guidelines to follow: OUTSIDE         Make the exterior a lasting first impression *Keep the lawn trimmed and...
Spring is officially 10 days away.  I thought we might be in the clear. Mother nature had other ideas and said, "Think Again." *Sigh*  I'll put the soup on....
You have choices when living in this waterfront home at the Lake. This Ranch syle home has approx 1888 sf of living space with generous views of Sandusky Bay to the rear and peeks of Lake Erie and lakefront access to the front.  Most major systems and all appliance are new in 2010 including a hig...
Do you remember the excitement of preparing for the first day of school?  Did you go shopping with your mom for notebooks, pens and pencils and a new book bag?  Do you remember the smell of the classroom and used books, maybe the hum of the overhead projector?  Do you remember the excitement of ...
Sing to the tune of "My Favorite Things" When the snow flies When the roads freeze When I'm stuck inside I put on my apron and sharpen my knives And that keeps me occupied. I woke up this morning to a 1/2" thick coating of ice over everything outside.  While it is beautiful to see, it rears it's ...

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