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  READY, SET, REAHAB!  Minneapolis remodel gets worse before it gets better. If any of you watch old movies, you might have noticed that in 1940 romances he carries her over the threshold of a dump he has just purchased where they will start their lives together.   She is thrilled, and even misty...
  Minneapolis Has Gone to the Dogs. Minneapolis is renowned for its healthy lifestyle, walking trails, parks and lakes.  What you don’t notice right away is that it a dog paradise.   To most of us, our pets are part of the family, and some treat them like children.    One of the easiest ways to g...
  READY, SET, REHAB!  Uptown Minneapolis Remodel After a long, bitter winter of trudging through frigid vacant Minneapolis foreclosures, we found the jewel that investor’s dream about.   It’s a stately 1906 duplex with almost 2400 square feet, in Uptown.  The basement is a horror, original boiler...
  If you’ve dreamed about an idyllic urban neighborhood with a creek, lakes, schools, and shopping within walking distance, you will love Kenny in Southwest Minneapolis.    Kenny is a small neighborhood of about 3,500 bordered on the north by Minnehaha Creek, south to Crosstown 62.  Lyndale Ave o...
FREE Credit Repair Workshop  The economic crisis and housing market has taken its toll on thousands of families, causing stress and heartache.   For far too long, easy credit seduced us to outspend our incomes, rely on credit cards, and use our homes as a personal ATM.   Debt has become a four l...
Do Statistics Lie???   We all believe that statistics give us a true overview of the marketplace.  They can give us a broad understanding, but when we drill down there are stories that numbers don't address.  Statistics chill the heat of the marketplace into cold numbers, pulling all emotion out ...
I confess, it isn't pretty and almost ruined my career.  A friend asked me to help her daughter to sell her home.  Sounds good so far.  The daughter is bright, savvy, with marketing background.  She was planning to be married and wanted to sell her home. As I prepared my market analysis of the ho...
I'm new to Active Rain, but I'm surprised that no one mentions all the negative media hammering on real estate.  Anyone who reads runs into articles punctured with words like 'meltdown,' 'deflated,' 'collapse,' referring to either the mortgage or real estate market.   It's also an election year, ...

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