Is An All Cash Deal Good For You? The investors that I use buy properties all cash , in 30 to 45 days, no mortgage contingencies, in all 5 Boroughs of New York City. Offers are made within 48 hours. Homes Is your property in need of of a tremendous amount of repair?Is your property fire damaged a...
Buyer 101: COOPS -Who's Your Foe, The Board or The Banks? This is a great question to ask while the mortgage turmoil is occurring across the US.Prior to the turmoil Coop Boards were typically harder to get an approval from, much harder than thanĀ  banks. Well, as of Fall 2009 the banks are taking ...
Why Do Sellers Rush Buyers to Sign A Contract While A Buyer is Reviewing A Home Inspection? Please understand in NYC A Seller can entertain as many offers as they wish until there is a signed contract. So, you can lose any money invested prior, for example home inspection, terminte inspection, pl...

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