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I attended a session at REBlogWorld titled,“Is the Real Estate Blog Dead?” It was moderated by the ever smart Rob Hahn and featured an All Star Panel, Jay Thompson, Teresa Boardman and Sarah Stelmok – all of which have blogs that are very much alive and well. Our posts today are spread out acros...
I spent October 10th (10/10/10) in San Francisco marching in the Columbus Day Parade, while overhead the Blue Angels flew. Let me just say there's nothing like being in the canyons of SF and hearing the roar of these jets as they fly between buildings. As I was uploading my pictures to Flickr I f...
Well maybe not ever but I love what Karen Bigos did for the month of October! Great job Towne Realty Group!
I thought Groups were going away?  Actually they are morphing into something a little different. Should I have a Page or a Group? That depends. Are you a “brand”?  (Most people with a Page are a brand) You want a Page. Are you a kid’s swim team?  You may want a group. One of the things that I di...
I just had something incredible happen.  As you know, I offered to make anyone PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  All you have to do is email me your picture and I’ll make it PINK.  In return, I ask that you support me for Movember by joining my team or donating.  If PINK’ing a single pers...
(This would be a great post to Reblog ) Once again, for the month of October, I offer to make your profile picture PINK.  All you have to do is send me the image (email it) and I’ll add a pink ribbon and a pink border. Here’s a few from the last few years. That means you can go from this  to  th...
It’s actually part of the new Google URL shortener but it also creates a QR code for you as well!    <= That’s the one for this post! You can find the new URL shortener by going here:  http://goo.gl/ The result will be your very own shortened URL with it’s own QR code off to the right! Right cli...
Truth be told, I’m a Junkie. No, not heroin or meth.  My drug of choice is the REBarCamp movement.  And like any long time user, I have a love/hate relationship with my juice (mostly love).  To be perfectly honest I admit there are a few issues I’ve noticed and like the Junkie I am, I’ve rationa...
Today is Google’s 12th Birthday! And despite it being the super power of all things interweb related stop and think for just a moment just how far we’ve come and what we might be without had it not been for Google.  Yeah we’re all fans of Gmail, YouTube, Google Voice, Google Reader and on and on...
Or.. Learn From My Mistakes, Lesson #412 I’m always asked, “What’s the best title for my page?” That depends on the focus of your page, the engagement strategy you plan to use on the page and many other things.  (you did have an engagement strategy right?) When you create your facebook business ...

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