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It's all about using technology, and harnessing that power in a smart and effective way.
Yes it is way past time!  Every Tuesday is another learning experience for us and all our listeners.  Thanks for doing all you do Ken! It has come to my attention that Social Media Edge has had only about 100,000 listeners because it is not widely understood what it is. When questioning a few peo...
Your Facebook Profile has been hacked?  It’s tagging pictures of all your friends or perhaps something worse?  No worries – let’s fix it.  The culprit is probably a 3rd party App. Even if you haven’t been hacked every once in a while it’s always a good idea to go into the Facebook Apps section a...
So you are a self proclaimed newbie (n00b) to Facebook? Welcome!  Group HUG! Feeling good?  You should.  Facebook can be an incredible place.  But be forewarned – there’s a lot of snake oil being sold out there regarding Marketing and Facebook.  There’s incredible plans to automate this, manipul...
If you were to look at a heat map of real estate blogging in the United States, Seattle would be en fuego!  It’s RED HOT. Lucky me, I’ll be moderating a panel of bonafide blogstars for REBarCamp Seattle this coming week and couldn’t be more excited! Why? I get to ask Matt Goyer, Rich Jacobson, B...
The new buzzword for everything is that :there’s an App for that".  Overused fer sure! I just setup two workshops using Eventbrite and as both deal specifically with Facebook I just had to bring them in somehow. I could always share using the LINK function (and I did).  Great for immediate respo...
StaticFBML vs iFrame App? the Pros and Cons by MIKE MUELLER- builder of engaging custom facebook pages[EDIT] Share In case you didn’t know, there have always been two ways to create a custom tab in your Facebook Page.  The App Method and the StaticFBML Method.  Both might have looked similar to ...
Just saw this on my Facebook Page. If you have a page it’s probably there too.  What’d did they change now? They simply are changing the layout to better match the new Profile layout  – that’s all. Here’s what happened when I upgraded my page… Here’s a detail post from Facebook: LINK One of the ...
Following along in my theme that you need to own “Homebase” I came across this story today. Flickr Accidentally Deletes a User’s 4,000 Photos and Can’t Get Them Back Major, major stumble from Flickr today—a Zurich-based photoblogger says Flickr deleted his account by mistake and lost his 4,000 p...
Facebook launched a redesigned of their portal for page creation. No earth shattering changes other than they hid the community box that was on the left side behind “Cause or Topic”. Interesting to note…  Gone is the text that used to say, “If we determine down the road that your page is about c...
Sorry for the shouting, but it fits the topic of my post.  Sometimes I wish I could climb to the top of the highest (social media) mountain top. I know it would be a long struggle.  Battered knuckles, lack of oxygen, bitter cold and winds. Upon reaching the summit, I’d turn around and at the top...

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