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We love Facebook and we really love the open dialogue that happens on our Profile, our Pages, and the Groups we partake in.  The problem is that you really only have control over 2 of the 3.  Huh?       Groups are not yours. Technically speaking, a group belongs to Facebook.  Duh!  Technically, e...
One of the best things about having a Facebook Page is the ability to direct a new visitor to any one of your Tabs first.  That means that anyone who has not yet LIKE’d your Page or not currently signed in to Facebook can be directed to your Wall, or Info, or Photos or any of the Tabs your Page c...
I want to delve into the idea of expanding or enriching your sphere of influence.  In the past you might have heard someone say, “It’s all about the numbers”, or maybe “It’s not about the numbers it’s the quality of the relationships”.  Ok, so who’s right? (hint: I’m not going to answer that)  I ...
A little bit of a late start on it this year but I’m happy to help make your picture PINK for breast cancer awareness month.  Every year for the past couple of years I’ve made people PINK. All you have to do is send me an email ( mike912mueller@gmail.com ) and do these two things… Subject line “M...
One of the new cool things about the new facebook is the real time sharing of music.  There’s a number of different apps out there but it seems the #1 in use is Spotify.  I have a beta account, I like it but new people who sign up with it are also required to attach it to their profile.  That als...
It’s Battle of the Public Lists!  We’ve got Twitter, Facebook and now G+ that can all share lists (or circles) publicly. I certainly don’t want to share all my circles.  I have some pretty down and dirty ones.  Yet there are some I would be very happy to share and I’m interested to see how the ne...
I’m happy Facebook came up with a way to encourage more people to put their friends in lists. If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE pusher of LISTS.  Lists are the key to making Facebook work for you. From the Facebook Blog: To make lists incredibly easy and even more useful, we’re announcing three...
Sometimes in business we tend to keep it a little too real.  We’re afraid to let our personal side show to those watching our professional side.  I completely understand as I teach and coach others on how to properly manage their various social media accounts in an effort to do just that. This la...
So, I got this so called friend “Gerry”.  He sent me a t-shirt once after I nagged for over a year but that’s a different post for later. He’s doing a charity ride on his bicycle.  He’s riding for his 3rd time.  As you can plainly see in the video he did last year that he’s not in the best of sha...
Any part of it. Did I miss something? Was the CANN-SPAM Act repealed? Yeah, these are all "Newsletters I Never Signed Up For"  

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