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This just happened http://www.facebook.com/MikeMueller/posts/10150780929632216 The question for you is, are you IN or are you OUT? So far, we have 7 that have commited to 21 posts in 21 days.  No rules, just commit.  Blog 1,500 words or less than 100.  Photo blog, Video Blog, whatever you like. R...
So Facebook has converted over all your Pages to the Timeline style. Hopefully you were prepared.  Just in case, here’s what you should have already done. Update your Profile Image – It’s now a square 125 x 125px image.  You’ll need to upload a 180px square for it though.  Read: Cover Photos and ...
I know you have one Page with only a few LIKE’s. I know we would all like to have more people interacting on our Page. There are wonderful ways to make that happen and I share them on this blog. And I know Facebook dangled that carrot in front of you, encouraging you to send a message to those 5...
I read a report that 1 in 4  brands have switched over to the new Timeline for Pages.  As of right now 8 MILLION Pages have switched.  You can switch yours now or you can wait till Facebook forces the switch on March 30th and start playing catch up. It’s called Staying Ahead of the Curve and yeah...
Each of those photos has tagged 44 different friends.  Everyone who clicks on the links under the photo starts the process with their friends.  Please stop clicking on bad links. BUT.. If you did, here’s how to get your profile back How to kill a bad Facebook App Read more: Has your Facebook Pro...
Now that you’ve switched your page over to the new Timeline style you can no longer set the “Default Landing Tab”.  In case you didn’t know, you could determine which tab or app anyone who had not yet liked your Page saw first.  That popular feature was discontinued by Facebook but that doesn’t m...
Yeah, sorry about that. Here’s the thing. So very often we tend to set and forget.  I fight it constantly myself.  When was the last time you looked at your website as a “visitor”?  How about as a visitor using a different browser?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve added a plugin only to find...
With the new Timeline for Pages comes change.  I want to specifically talk about the Apps. Remember how you used to have all those custom Apps down the left side column of your Page?  They are gone with the new Timeline – well not gone but less visible.  Instead, Facebook has allowed us Page Owne...
There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him, don't think of him and don't wish I could Rick Roll him yet again.  Today with the new Timeline for Pages, I thought of him when I was arranging my Apps on http://www.facebook.com/MikeMuellerConsulting Thanks for the write up.  CLINT AARON MIL...
So…   Last week I created a small graphic voicing my opinion on how some people are using Pinterest poorly. Just my opinion, and I’m sticking by it. The graphic got a few shares, a few re-pins, and generally spread around as you might expect.  Yay for me! In a seemingly unrelated post, Jeff Turne...

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