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It's all about using technology, and harnessing that power in a smart and effective way.
Jeremy may be feeling "truly blessed" about this trip but I'm his room mate.  I'm feeling "truly cursed"..#not! Looking forward to it, and meeting you - should you be in the area!I am truly blessed to travel the country as a social media speaker and participate in some amazing conferences.  One o...
I’ve played a few tricks on you in the past.  Most recently I’ve shown you how I got ranked at the top for a huge trending topic.  That was a trick – I was really illustrating the power of social search – or as Google puts it “Personal Results”. When I’m signed in to Google, any search I do is af...
While the title may suggest something else, I’m not using this as a rhetorical device.  The general idea behind “Poisoning the Well” is that early on, something is introduced into the stream and it impacts everything downstream.  This post is about Custom Facebook Page Apps.   The key to this pos...
Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, Timeline and whatever the next change that happens to a Facebook Business Page aside, I still think the Facebook Page is something every small business should have and actively maintain. Facebook says my Page was started on January 1st 2010. Currently my Page ha...
There I said it.  I hereby give you permission not to be on Pinterest.  Feel better?  Good. I’ll bet that takes a heavy load off your back and saves you gobs and gobs of time. You’re welcome.  Here’s my Amazon Wish List, buy me something.  Of course we’ve all heard that Pinterest is for women, gu...
The question comes up time to time.  There’s actually three different ways to ad someone as an Admin. By Name:   To do this they need to already be a friend of yours. By Email:  To do this you’ll need to know what email address they use to sign in to Facebook with. By Like: you can click any one ...
As I said in Part 1, Blogging isn’t Rocket Science.  A third grader could blog. Take a step back and you’ll notice that the act of blogging consists of three very specific, very different compartments.   For lack of better terms I’ll refer to them as Content Creation, Distribution, and Response. ...
There is a saying out there, “Jack of all trades, Master of none“. I believe there’s truth in that and it speaks directly to the idea of Niche and the idea of marketing to a specific segment of a broader audience.  I build Custom Facebook Apps for Business Pages and Advertising Campaigns.  I also...
* If I was a Keller Williams Agent. For those that don’t know, Keller Williams has a cool piece of technology for their agents to use called eEdge.  Within that is a program called 33 Touches.  The basic idea is to make it easy for an Agent to stay top of mind with their clients; past, present an...
The question comes up from time to time and especially with the new YouTube Channel format, How do I create a Playlist?Pretty simple really. Here’s a quick video on how to do that. One of the cool things is that you can create multiple playlists. Right now I have only one and that’s How To’s for ...

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