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It's all about using technology, and harnessing that power in a smart and effective way.
It sounds like such a great thing… Setup a system so that when a new follower comes on board you send them a welcome direct message (dm). "Hey! I have an idea - let's send them a link in that message as well..." The problem is that most of us twitter users see this as Spam. I just followed you, I...
Truth be told... I'm much more the  type but if you really wanna use them - Cheryl's post is a great guide!   Ok, so you know that you need a blog to better promote yourself and your services on the internet. But, there are so many questions. It seems so daunting. How do you go about setting one ...
Coming soon to a Custom Facebook Page near you… Tab Width Reductions! (boo….) Part of Facebook’s developer roadmap was the proposal for applications to have a reduction in canvas width from 760 pixels to 520 pixels wide. It was unclear if this was also meant to include Custom Facebook Page Tabs ...
At dinner, after a long day "working the tubes" sometimes my family will ask... "So, what happened on the internet today Dad?" Well you see there was this great video on YouTube with a kitten... Oh! and it was Suzy Smiths birthday on Facebook and everyone wished her a Happy Birthday - some even r...
I'll be there! Will you? We're Back!Introducing the 2nd Edition of Virtual Real Estate BarCamp. Our first event was such a success, we decided to parlay the momentum into the launch of another. January 4th - 9am until 4pm PST9 Hours, 28 Incredible Speakers, 1000s of Attendees! It's Free! What Is ...
Feel Warmer? I do!One Warm Coat  . . .  or REALTORS nag clients to clean out your closet! Realtors nag our clients about cleaning out closets before they put their home on the market, but this time, THIS Realtor is asking you to clean out your closet as a charitable act. Encouraged by Social Medi...
Each year during the month of December I offer to Photoshop your avatars for free in exchange for your doing something good.  The same goes for this year. Here’s the Rules: Send me the picture you want ‘chopped via email and let me know which version you want.  Email is Mike@AreWeConnected.com W...
Mark J. Reynolds Memorial Bike Fund Do you remember your first bicycle? If you were an underprivileged kid growing up perhaps there never was a first bike.  That’s a shame. That’s also something that Mark Reynolds thought he could do something about.  An avid rider himself, Mark would collect mo...
Bringing in my all of my YouTube videos to a post in a very cool way... Now I have to see if this plays well with all browsers... What do you think? Like it? I can do the same thing with a group of pictures like I have here: http://areweconnected.com/facebook/
In case you weren't aware, yesterday ActiveRain held their second annual Raincamp in San Francisco, California.  Now, if you were like me, you were stuck in your office all day seeing others brag about how awesome the day was and thinking to yourself how you wished you could be there to participa...

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