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Yes you can... : )Sam Callahan, the son of a Realtor (and my friend & Active Rain member) in Silicon Valley, is 14 years old and has cancer which is not responding to two different types of chemotherapy.  His cancer, Ewing's Sarcoma, had metasticized before it was discovered on September 22nd.  S...
I was just answering a question from someone who wanted to know “How did so and so do that?”  That answer led to the iJustine Page. First thing I have to say, we can’t all be her.  How would you like to have 850+ comments on a single wall post? As good as that sounds – she’s also got an issue.  ...
  I am honored to have been asked to share what I’ve learned about Facebook Pages for tomorrow’s ActiveRain University. As you may know, I build Custom Facebook Fan Pages.  I’ve built a few. (View my Gallery) Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some great tips with the ActiveRain Members. What will you lear...
7 Secrets to Facebook Page Success I am sure by now we all know that Facebook is an absolute must for your business, but you may not understand why this is so important. Allow me to share a few statistics that might make it more obvious why everyone who is in business needs to have a Facebook pag...
Here’s a quick and easy to tool to tell. It’s called MashedIn and it uses the API’s of the big three to show you how you and I are connected. Signing up is easy…  Just click on each of the three social networks (or just one if you like) Your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts are all pulled...
Does your Facebook Fan Page cut the Mustard?  Do your visitors Relish the idea of visiting?  There’s a lot of people with Custom Fan Pages that are going to soon be in a Pickle.  It’s not too late to Ketchup! Sorry for the puns, I promise I’ll stop now. This is more of a “marker” of a post than ...
  Share  photo credit: Dr Stephen Dann One of the most annoying things from Facebook 3rd party applications is the Twables auto Direct message spam that happens when an unknowing user gives them “permission”. If the Application builders had anything close to a heart or soul they would give us an ...
Who’s going to win the Super bowl? I’m betting on the Saints. Why? No reason other than the fact (purely by chance) I’ll be at their Parade this Tuesday in New Orleans and would rather attend a Super Bowl winner’s Parade. By chance, you also need a Custom Facebook Fan Page built for your busines...
From Seth Godin’s blog here’s Gary V… Linchpin: GaryVee from Seth Godin on Vimeo. What do I do?I build Custom Facebook Tabs for Business.Two of them – one for Fan Conversion and the other for SEO / Fan Engagegment.That’s my closest level, my “spot”. What’s yours? By the way – who’s P. Diddy?
From my article...   The GOAL: I want to pass Candace. You might remember her as “D.J. Tanner” on Full House.   That was a while ago.  She’s all grown up now and a personal friend of the Skip1 Founder.  She’s currently in the #2 position on the leader board and as you can see she’s “low hanging ...

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