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There’s a little hysteria starting out there as more and more people hear about Facebook Page Tabs becoming narrow.  For more info see: Narrow Tab width will also bring in your avatar! Here’s how to see if there is cause for concern. First of all, you MUST be an admin of your page and logged in ...
First of all – mad props to Vincent and the rest of the peeps atBorrowLenses.com for the radical 24mm f/1.4L Mark II USM Lens.  All I can say is WOW!! That’s one SEXY lens! While I wasn’t able to shoot the video I wanted, I was able to get some great images.  I’m a complete n00b to the photograp...
I ordered another set of stickers for Inman Connect and REBarCamp San Francisco.  I used the same company I did for my business cards and the “Mike Mueller Tramp Stamp”.  Out of the blue they asked if I would like to give away FREE stickers to my friends. You Betcha!  I asked if I could also giv...
I grown quite fond of Foursquare.  It’s not being the mayor, it’s not the badges, it’s the way I can connect with peeps on a different level.  That said, one of the cool things I like about the network is the way they catalogue your accomplishments. As of July 3rd, 2010 I have 82 nights out, 294...
I just have to share this short video made by my friend Jeremy Blanton
What’s Dropbox?  It’s been one of my little secrets for a long time. For me it’s a great way to sync folders across the various computers I work with or between others. Did I mention it was FREE?  I suggest it to all my clients so they can better share virtually anything! File Sync: Dropbox allo...
I spend a good deal of my day helping people.  It’s in my DNA. Have a problem with Twitter?  I might know the solution.  Is Facebook confusing you?  Once again – I’d be happy to help.  But I want you to play my game… Don't worry, it's simple. Ask me Publically and I’ll answer Publically. Instead...
Would you know? The other day I went to my own site (http://AreWeConnected.com) using the Google Chrome Browser.  The page would load and just as it finished loading it would switch to Google.  Curious, I tried it on Firefox, and Safari, and Internet Explorer and a few others.  It was only Chrom...
I couldn't have said it better than Ken -  Given that, here's a reblog!  Recently I had the opportunity to sit in with and co-moderate a panel of local business professionals who want to know how to be prepared for business tactics in the immediate future - at least over the next 5 years. It was ...
Facebook create a flurry of news with the release of their Open Graph.  But not so much in the way they intended.  Much of the news was in the new ways in which what you thought was private can now be seen by others.  “Facebook Privacy Concerns” are at an all time high right now. I just saw on m...

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