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Are you on vacation in Daytona Beach Florida or maybe attending one of our awesome events..maybe you want to drop off a post card or ship some of your soveniers in are probably wondering where in the heck is the closest Greater Daytona Beach Area Post Office?  Look no further..liste...
Want something different to do in Daytona Beach? Walk With Ghosts in Daytona Beach The Daytona Ghost Walk is a tour down historical moolit streets in the Daytona Beach area.  What makes it so unique is that the owner Dusty Smith is a Certified Ghost Hunter and Certified Paranormal Investigator.  ...
I don't know about you...but I receive emails daily from members on many cases these emails are requesting information on how to be a better REALTOR and to be a better social net worker.  Realize you have a huge support system right here on Active rain There are occasions where I ...
Right now I am working with a couple..well...a couple would be stretching the truth...OK..let me rephrase and say they were once a couple but no longer married...a divorced man and woman...utilizing the same attorney. Sounds fine right?  Nope its trouble...the attorney is a personal friend of one...
  Yesterday I received an interesting email from someone who reads my blogs.  It's not a member but an outsider looking in...a real estate agent who never tried nor cared to join ActiveRain...based on "what they heard!"  They wondered why I placed all of my quality content here on this network r...
Tracy Lynn Spivey Daytona Beach Resident is in a opportunity to be a regular on a national television show and if the ratings of her pictures are high enough they will use her for each season and the premiere.  Tracy Spivey has the guts to physically compete with young women 10 years...
October | Breast Cancer Awareness Month Please I encourage you to reblog this or even forward this post to your friends and loved ones. This disease touches so many and changes lives forever..we can do the same but in a positive way! Help Fight Breast Cancer...the reality is there is a good chanc...
If you have not grasped social media and online activities for business, now is a great time to implement it. As you can see by the video...the world is forever changing and so is the way we do business!  Did you know?   About the Author:  Midori Miller is licensed in the State of Florida, BK6457...
When tracking marketing it is extremely important to know where your leads are coming from.  I often wonder when someone calls to utilize your services do you remember to think about... Lead Generation | How did they find me? Often times when I pose this question to someone they are not sure...ei...
Somehow, someway I have lost all balance with my online marketing.  I'm here and there and spending many many hours online every single day. I know what goes on with many of my online friends and I keep up to date on all kinds of information and sometimes I get lost in my virtual world.  Is this ...

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