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This is really a test post but I must admit there is some truth in the title.  For as long as I have been on Activerain I've marketed myself as the Daytona Real Estate Trainer, in many ways I still am but I am moving...moving...moving... Daytona Real Estate Trainer Says Bye Bye OK Online That Is ...
Brandon is the son of a local real estate agent, Keith Kiel!  Please feel free to reblog, repost or say thank you to Brandon...I am no fan to war whatsoever...but I love my freedom and feel protected and privelidged to live in the U.S.  W e appreciate your service, we appreciate your beautiful m...
Why is this always such a big deal?  AR is AR to me...worried? Why?  It seems this is one of the few communities that explains itself...that's great...but what is all the fuss? Do you explain your investments? Market Leader has been a wonderful tool for of the girls I coach has used it ...
I love the suggest button and its also fabulous to see many new faces on the dashboard. On top of that with the ability to call the shots, I wonder do people abuse it?  I myself have called the shots 5 times and I really value that privilege then again I was the sicko who enjoyed doing the Week i...
There is always a conversation going on about low ball offers, and many times listing agents feel the buyers agent did not do their job in presenting the facts.  If you have ever worked with investors you know...they would submit what one would refer to as a low ball offer..for some reason low ba...
Scenerio:  You have a listing that's been on the market less than the average market time..this property is a townhome and is a couple of years old, yup there is new construction going on right within the community not only townhomes but single family homes with pricing as competitive to the curr...
The early days of Activerain was a great place to be.  It was a time of building and growing and learning.  Never did I gripe about the featured board because I knew that the moderators were people like you and me...hard working...and not paid but volunteering their time to help this network grow...
We digg and like and stumbleupon, we blog we comment and sometimes rate.  Can you affect the behavior others? Do you have Real Influence...impacting others to digg, like, comment and share your link?  Real Influence ...we like to share and spread our word in hopes it will benefit someone.  Let's ...
This is not a typical post that I would write but a post that needs to be read and heard and shared.  It isn't about me or the ActiveRain Real Estate Community but an individual and a family that really needs our help! They need our thoughts and prayers!   I joined ActiveRain when real estate blo...
The good ole summertime Vacationing With The Turners -  I swear no one documents a summer vacation like Jeff Turner and his can you not feel close to them, its as if I get to travel with them and it didn't cost me a dime!  Everywhere they stop it seems they snap a photo or add a vide...

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