Lessons Learned And Taught. . .   Sometimes the differences are truly transparent.  Lessons are learned and teaching moments are taught.  Sometimes these occurrences seem to exist simultaneously.   It is not so unusual to see examples where one plays the part of the pupil as well as the educator...
 A Wedding In Skokie. . .   I am not sure what brought forth that memory but there “it” was.  I am pretty sure it was August but I am positive it was 1985 and it had been quite the year.  It was also a year where I was twice a member of a wedding party.  Not so unusual for a person in his twentie...
 And So It Goes. . .    Expected surprises along with definite possibilities.  Ah, yes - oxymorons.  Like so many things, they are a part of life.  And yes, they happen each month. Without fail.   Now as one month ends and another begins, we are reminded of things experienced as well as things ye...
 There’s Always TimeUntil. . . I am thankful for the introduction of the concept of smile landmarks that are a part of our world if we choose to “see” them.  While I am not sure of the exact date when I first learned of them, I do remember that it was Alexandra Ron and Alexandra Seigel who first ...
GingerbreadAnd An Architectural Recipe. . .When I initially read about the July 2021 AR Challenge - Savory Stories, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to participate.  Share recipes?   Well, that’s not exactly a big part of my life but, hey, I could certainly read what others might share.  And ...
 On Organization. . .   Whether it be thoughts, places or the many other things that can come to my mind, the topic of organization is one that cannot always be so neatly arranged, assembled and classified.  Each of us may have a fool-proof system that works for us.  And the “us” component is imp...
 HearsayAnd Heresy. . .     I love words.  Maybe it's the way they combine at times as well as mix up things in my brain as words jumble and jive.   As I have admitted in the past, my relationship with them can be considered confusing(and confused) at times.  And I’m okay with that as that confus...
 Pondering PredictabilityAmidstThe Game Of ChanceAnd Change. . .    Is it not foreseeable?  The possibilities may be beyond iffy but I don’t think I have discussed predictability in a pondering post.  At least I don’t recall - at least in any depth. Then again, predictability is a big subject. . ...
 Three Strikes. . .The subject of strikes can move many images to the front of my brain. They bring back memories.  Lessons and experiences as well.  At least three and likely more stories could be told with a strike-related theme but it’s Saturday and I will share just one which was way back in ...
A Second BananaOn The First. . . Recently, Nina Hollander, Broker included a quote from Banana Yoshimoto in a post.  Although it is her pen name, Mahoka Yoshimoto is the second Banana that I have "come across" with the exception of some late-night sidekicks over the years. But, I digress. . .  Ac...

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