Buh Bye Normal  On Aisle Nine. . .  Another press release has informed me that normal is being eliminated.  Yes, Unilever, the international company known for all kinds of products from I Can't Believe It’s Not Butter to Ben and Jerry’s and far, far beyond issued a press release last week.  In ca...
  Murph, Morph And MirthMidWeek Musings It’s a rare but much needed rainy morning in Southern California.  At least near me.  Weather can change.  Just like life.  In an instant.  And sometimes it’s evolutionary.   I am not sure when I first heard about Murphy’s Law but it is something that makes...
 Cause, EffectAnd Just Because  I have been thinking.  Again.  Things happen.  Stuff too.  Some of which can be easily explained as well as those occurrences which may prompt a question like “what’s up with thaaaat?”.  When confronted with such thoughts I have been known to wander off in the dire...
  The Cowlick ConundrumThere are indications that things are beginning to take on a certain sense of normalcy even while it remains anything but business-as-usual.   And as far as normal goes, a haircut certainly qualifies as far as I am concerned. In Los Angeles County, we have been subjected to...
 Mismatched ShoesI admit it’s not an issue for me on most occasions.  Thankfully.    But let’s look at situations where a mismatch might be more common.  It definitely happens in real estate and in real life.  A connection that might be “just fine” under different circumstances  results in a mix ...
 X Marks The SpotAnd So Much MoreSure, we have heard that  “X” marks the spot.  But it marks so much more.   Views from the extreme can be used to make a point.  And then there are “X” games.  Too much of the same?  Perhaps.   Exclamation points definitely have a place.  And it’s not always at th...
 A PennyFor Your Thoughts A penny.  One cent.  One hundred of them creates a dollar.  It all begins with “one”.   And what becomes of one thought, let alone one hundred of them?   Collecting thoughts in a moment or during a lifetime can create treasures.  Maybe not monetarily but perhaps somethin...
 Not TallerBut Growing More Tolerant It  has been some time since I have seen a growth chart let alone check my height.  Growing up, I never expected to be a giant, be an expert basketball player or be the one who is always called to reach something on the highest shelf without the use of my tipp...
 Not The First I know February typically has 28 days and if the AR scheduler is working properly, it will be the 25th when this post is published.  Yes, there are a few days left in the month but thoughts of “the first” have been on my mind as we anticipate the arrival of  March.  For a relativel...
 Routine Randomness ReduxI admit that a certain routineness can become a part of life so I believe a regular dose of randomness seems to work for me.   It is not reckless abandon. Maybe it’s a case where the same old, same old is pursued with a bit of a twist.  Or it happens as part of a bigger p...

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