A Grain Of Salt. . .  Yeah, I admit to a bit of skepticism.  It’s healthy, right?  But like anything, the recipe of life is defined not only with ingredients but with measurements and knowledge of a world greater than any one object where all sorts of things are combined to create works that can...
In MemoriamA Not-So-Short Subject It's a little after 8:15PM Sunday here on the West Coast and the televised production of the Academy Awards has passed.  For some, the show had some surprising moments.  Will the number of predictable ones as expected by naysayers and others foretell an end to no...
Oscar The Grouch And Other Random Thoughts    This Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present the Academy Awards honoring achievement in film for the gazillionth time.  Give or take a decade.   I’ll leave the number counting to Price Waterhouse Sheldon Cooper or whoever ...
Left Hand Meet Right Hand    It is easy for me to admit that my physical coordination and athletic prowess has never been one of my strengths.  I accept that.  Anything beyond basic exercise can test my fitness agility.    And that’s stretching the limits of basic, mind you.  That said I was thin...
 Just Call Me Maybe. . .More Midweek Meanderings    Maybe there’s some out there who don’t like me.  For whatever reason.   Okay, let's go beyond maybe to definitely. There are times where I may not be sure but I can sense it.  Maybe feel it.  Maybe hear it in the tone of a comment as they speak....
 Fools Paradise. . .Although today is April 1 and it’s likely that the day may bring some tomfoolery, my mind wonders and wanders in a different direction. I am thinking of the term fools paradise.   Is it a place?  Is it home?  Maybe right now and right for the moment.  Perhaps something beyond ...
 And Another. . .In some ways, it doesn’t seem as if another year has passed.  But the calendar says it’s true.  It was one year ago today that I posted about joining AR on March 30, 2010.   And now, it’s eleven years.  The subject makes my mind wonder and wander about anniversary gifts.   Not th...
 One Leg At A Time. . . Easy guys, I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time.  Except when my pants are on, I make gold records.  Bruce Dickinson  Idioms may not always be on friendly terms with me but they are certainly a companion that I can call on to remind me of the hum...
Cursive.  Foiled Again.   I don't recall receiving a penmanship award in school but thought my handwriting was good enough.  It was more-than-legible and that counts for something, right?With an increasing dependence on electronic communication, the practice of cursive handwriting has certainly d...
 Although, I think of myself as somewhat introverted and don’t mind being alone, I have been involved in all sorts of group activities over the years.   From the early days of school to career-related events with all kinds of personal associations thrown in.  I was thinking of groups recently as ...

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