Nearing Normal  As much as “normal” seems to be overused in regular times, these days it may lack the proper oomph or impact with its current overworked status.  Add terms like a return of normal, the new normal as well as similarly themed messages and it’s easy to see how the monotonous mumblin...
Hooey, Hoopla And HeyOr Is It Hay?  Either Way. . . Hooey isn’t a word one hears much these days.  In fact, you might not know it at all but it recently came to mind in the scope of a discussion of events taking place somewhere or sometime which is kinda like the nonsense definition provided by M...
It’s Not For Everyone. . . In her recently featured post, The Power Of Blogging…  Hannah Williams wrote of the success she has experienced with blogging in her business.   Back in the days when there were challenges to call members we hadn't previously spoken to connect, I spoke with Hannah.  We ...
Separation Anxiety Of SortsAnother Pondering Adventure I have previously shared on these pages that I grew up in the shadow of Disneyland.  I knew The Magic Kingdom was a special place but I didn't "get" it in the same way as my contemporaries or the relatives who flocked to visit us. As time pas...
Said And Done You have probably heard it.  Perhaps even said the phrase in passing.  But when something is said(or otherwise communicated) - is it really finished?   I have been thinking of closure and my mind wanders.  As usual my thoughts go in many directions. Yet they are not totally directio...
If This Venn Is A Rockin’Don’t Come A Knockin’ Things overlap in life.  In all sorts of ways.  And not only when it comes to Venn Diagrams and the relationship of things that may or may not intersect.  You may have encountered situations where opposing arguments. Perhaps arguments isn’t the right...
 Now, That Is Some Title. . . With the passing of Prince Philip in April, I was thinking about titles and the many ways they changed in the course of a lifetime.  He was known, of course, as a man who had many titles.     Back firmly on this side of the pond and in my not-so-royal world, evidence...
Things Amiss. . . I wonder about things amiss.  As well as articles and such that may appear awry.  I am not sure whether either word is appropriate for the thoughts floating about my brain like flotsam and jetsam right now but here it goes. .  . As it is a habit of mine to do, my mind wanders to...
 Meat Loaf. Again. Not.  At an outdoor socially-distanced family event earlier this year, my sister mentioned that she had never served her family a meal where meat loaf was on the menu.  Mind you, her two daughters are now in their thirties so that’s quite the history of avoiding a dish. Althoug...
 Not Such A Silly Question. . . “Do they celebrate Cinco de Mayo in other countries?”  As a native Californian, I admit it caught me by some surprise, but just a little. Perhaps Oy Vey would have been a better response. Oh, well. . . Beyond the literal translation - is there a May 5 in other coun...

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