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 Not TallerBut Growing More Tolerant It  has been some time since I have seen a growth chart let alone check my height.  Growing up, I never expected to be a giant, be an expert basketball player or be the one who is always called to reach something on the highest shelf without the use of my tipp...
 Not The First I know February typically has 28 days and if the AR scheduler is working properly, it will be the 25th when this post is published.  Yes, there are a few days left in the month but thoughts of “the first” have been on my mind as we anticipate the arrival of  March.  For a relativel...
 Routine Randomness ReduxI admit that a certain routineness can become a part of life so I believe a regular dose of randomness seems to work for me.   It is not reckless abandon. Maybe it’s a case where the same old, same old is pursued with a bit of a twist.  Or it happens as part of a bigger p...
 Sunday BestI remember. . .and it wasn’t thaaaat long ago, but the term Sunday Best meant something.  In my mind it refers to a person’s best clothes typically worn to church or for a special occasion.   I imagine that term has lost favor in recent years as the workplace becomes a lot more casual...
 It Could Happen Here. . .  And So Can Any IncidentPerseverance, Pondering And More  Like many people,  I have experienced the events happening in Texas this week albeit from a distance.  And it’s a reminder that it could happen here too.  Anywhere, in fact.    Those of us who live in what some i...
Ya Gotta Problem With Dat. . .   Let’s be clear.  I can’t do an impression or impersonation of anyone.  It’s barely conceivable that I can effectively communicate here or in the real world.   That said, imagine this post title spoken by a noir esque character in an old black and white movie.   Ya...
Decisions.  Decisions. . .   It’s understandable, at least to me, that people are thinking about decision-making a lot these days.   However, let’s face it, decisions are something that face us each day - and many moments within that day.   Some of those decisions are of greater significance whil...
 Here I GoAgainWhen it comes to ActiveRain, there are many strategies that a member may take.  There are many levels of participation.  Obviously, real estate and those related being primary.  Some may see it beneficial to hammer out market reports in rapid succession.  Others may take a more del...
A Sermon of Sorts. ..Serendipitous?  I Am Not Sure But It’s SundaySo Here It Is The other day our East Valley AR friend Brian England authored a post on which I commented.  As I have said before, many comments here can become a conversation or even a post.   So, that’s the genesis of this post.  ...
 The Forest. The Trees. And So Much More.I was thinking about the forest and the trees recently.  An old thought came to mind.  Likely you have heard it and maybe used it as well.   It’s the one where someone can’t see the forest for the trees.   After thinking about that for a bit more than a mo...

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