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 Polls Versus Poles  A Battle Of Homonyms  It Seems Appropriate During These Days Of Physical Distancing   I don't remember the exact details of voting in an election that very first time.  Needless to say it's been a long time and in many contests.  In all sorts of venues as well.   School and h...
  Humor Hilarity HiJinks   A few weeks ago I was reading an announcement of a new book by Jerry Seinfeld.  I have long appreciated his humor.  Like many things in life, humor is subjective.   I understand his style may not be the right fit for everyone.   I was a bit intrigued but not yet ready t...
 Celebrating CommonplaceThat Special PlaceNeed Not Be So Unusual Despite the definition of commonplace as ordinary or trite, I would like to  attach an addendum to an interpretation that is beyond "common" in my opinion.  Consider this part two or a continuation of a post I published the other da...
  Walk On By. . .     I think I can be relatively focused.  Emphasis on relatively.   I find early walks the best.  For me.  I especially like early mornings as the sun rises for the day.    Not as many people.  Fewer distractions.  Traffic from cars and crowds aren't typically a major issue but ...
  Demolition DerbyWho Could Ever Imagine This Topic?   Since our area is fairly built out, new construction on a wide scale level is rarer than in some places but it still exists.    You can see signs announcing an upcoming hearing for demolition of a building or an adaptation of a building that ...
  Carrying That Big Stick   Speak softly and carry a big stick   Often associated with Theodore Roosevelt, the above words  may have originated earlier and by someone else. Regardless of who said it first or under what circumstance, we have likely heard the quote.  And seen it being used in a var...
  See You Next Year  Last week, I had a doctor's appointment.  It's one that was scheduled for April 2020 but had been delayed from its original date.  Rescheduled not by me but by the office as it informed me that that an in-person visit was not necessary at the time due to the pandemic.  So I w...
 Shibui You Say  Yes, I Did    I first heard the Japanese word and the concept of shibui in my seventh grade Humunaties class at Trident Junior High School in Anaheim California.   Mr.  Smith was our teacher.  A tall bearded man,  I enjoyed his class.  A lot.   Although I had certainly from visit...
 Plenty Of GreenAndMore Than EnoughBrian EnglandHaHa  Recently I read a post by Brian England about an East Valley neighborhood.  He knows the area well as a resident and a local real estate professional who combines his extensive knowledge along with a friendly and helpful can-do attitude.   His...
 Energy Efficiency  .Energy Efficiency.  When you see, hear or otherwise experience those two words especially when they are combined as one topic, one of your first thoughts might be of automotive fuel.   Comparing one vehicle against another to determine the make and model which will provide th...

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