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 Two Roads Diverged. . .  Although it has been called The Most Misread Poem In America, this is not a discussion of The Road Not Taken or the works of Robert Frost.  I used the opening words of that famous Frost poem as part of an original speech for a junior high school competition many years ag...
 Supermarket Sweepstakes A Pondering Of Sorts I enjoy creativity.  In all forms.  But I was on a mission.  Destination:  the local grocery store.  List prepared.  Subsituations ready.  Just in case.  This wasn't big day grocery shopping.  Just an item or two.   I waited at the store entrance for ...
 A Spoonful Of Sugar Perhaps it is simply a sweet childhood memory for me but maybe the words a spoonful of sugar will make you feel good and smile.  And it's not necessarily a candy-like rush which has influenced your attitude.  The words may remind you of the song from the movie Mary Poppins or...
 Idioms On The Loose   Not idiots, mind you.  Stranger things have been known to happen and this is a time where the strange, the unusual and the just the ordinary run-of-the-mill weird is commonly in sight.    I am not an expert in language of any sort.   I consult an online search to find defin...
 Consider The Source I have lost count on the number of times I have recommended citing the source when responding to inquiries when facts are part of the conversation rather than my opinion.  I am far from perfect in citing the source but that's definitely part of my plan. I remember something I...
 500 Days Of Summer. . .  It's been some time since my last visit to a movie theater and although I enjoy films, I am not a big fan of at-home viewing.  I was thinking of movies as my mind wandered the other day.  Of course, Los Angeles has so much history where movies and movie-making have a co-...
 As The World Turns. . .    My Mother was a longtime viewer of television soap operas.  It seemed that my Grandmother and Aunt enjoyed their "stories" as well.  I didn't quite understand the fascination but I was aware that it existed.  Her favorite was As The World Turns.  Television soap operas...
 Filling In The Blanks  As for being a collector of things, that's not a part of me or of my personality.  Things, per se, are not that important but I do like when life offers the opportunity to collect memories.   And it can happen often.  Some may be temporarily tossed aside or saved for safek...
 A Pack Of Porsche  Off I Go Wandering.  Again.  Unlike many ActiveRain members, I am not a hiker. Definitely not in the traditional sense.  I tend to do my exploring in a more urban setting.  My backyard could be defined as the streets of my neighborhood.  Daily, I find much.  A few weeks ago I ...
 Wake Up And Smell The Coffee A bit of a different path, found me walking in another direction than I typically take and I passed a condominium building where the unique scent of coffee was quite strong.  Definitely Distinctive.  Presumably(in my mind)it was freshly brewed.  Although I am not a r...

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