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 Weltanschauung Wander Wondering Weltanschauung Wander Wondering  Just the other day, I found myself towards the bottom of the ActiveRain page right in front of me on my laptop screen.    From there I wandered to the Getting Started on AR section which then had me visiting the world view of this ...
 Catching Up Catching Up It seems to me, each January as one year ends and another begins, a feeling of catching up takes place.  As a regular movie-goer, the plethora of new film releases come to attention so that takes on some additional meaning for me.  This time of year traditionally marks th...
 Great Expectations Great Expectations   Wow!  It's been a long time since I read Great Expectations.  While memories of Pip and Miss Haversham are a bit murky the idea of expectation is truly one to ponder.   It was the best of times yet the worst of times.  Oops.  Wrong story.  What the Dickens...
a The Company Vehicle The Company Vehicle  The other day I was thinking about the company vehicle.  The concept at least.  I have never had use of a company vehicle.   But the thought came to mind as I saw two examples of company vehicles in action.   The first was a van with its company logo.  I...
 Out With The Old...   Out With The Old...  Here we are as we approach the beginning of the second month of 2020 in a week or so. Yes, I know we don't need another reminder of the lightning speed of time in our lives.    Of those who make resolutions, I wonder how many have been broken or even re...
 Let It Be Let It Be  Each morning, I pass a store where there are encouraging messages neatly stenciled on the window.   "Be" is followed by other positive words.  Be involved.  Be grateful.  Be inspired.  You likely get the idea.    It made me wonder and then a thought came to me.  Let It Be.  ...
 Of Woodpeckers, Owls, Rabbit Holes And So Much More  Of Woodpeckers, Owls, Rabbit Holes And So Much More  It seems nature is all around us.  That may seem to be an obvious statement but hold on for a second.   When I delve a bit deeper into the subject, I better realize the importance of being a...
 Wondering About Wobbling Weebles Wondering About Wobbling Weebles  Do you remember them?  Perhaps they weren't a part of your childhood.  Or your child or a grandchild.   For the uninitiated, Weebles were a toy back in the 1970s made for the Playskool division of Hasbro.  They were designed to l...
 Monday Morning Quarterbacking Of Sorts On A Tuesday Monday Morning Quarterbacking Of Sorts On A Tuesday I see that that Valley Of The Sun fun-meister and ActiveRain Ambassador Anna Banana Kruchten Broker/Owner, CRB, CRS has a new scheme of sorts for fun and frivolity on this platform.   It's tim...
s Pondering Predictions...  Pondering Predictions. . . When looking at this post title, one might think that I would be addressing the announcement scheduled for Monday January 13 of the nominees for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Academy Awards.  That might be a somewhat logical...

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