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 A Meeting Of MindsBy The WayNot A Movie Review A Meeting Of Minds  Let me preface this post:  this isn't a movie review per se but there is a film involved and I do discuss aspects of it.  There are many places where one can find detailed cinema information and backstories of all kinds that will...
 I I Am Grateful For Pondering I Am Grateful For Pondering  I have used this platform to share my various thoughts, questions and musings through pondering.  I am grateful for that opportunity.  However, my relationship with the topic goes back much further in my personal history.   Actually, I d...
 Bowing To The Queen.... For Real Estate Rocket Science And Things More Common  Bowing To The Queen For Real Estate Rocket Science And Other Things More Common Although I do know a rocket scientist in real life this is not a story of a real estate transaction with any form of rocketry involved.  ...
  There Is A Reason...  There Is A Reason...  A recent question in the ActiveRain Q&A section asked about having regrets regarding real estate.  It pertained to a professional choice but I guess it could be extended to any choice when real estate is the subject.   Of course, I pondered.  A bit.  ...
autom An Obstacle Course Of Sorts An Obstacle Course Of Sorts  Sometimes we don't exactly know where we are going.  The exact direction we may take is part of the plan or is it?  Perhaps there is something in our way.   Recently I saw the movie Ford v Ferrari based on a true event and the story o...
 What's In A Name... What's In A Name...  Although not as common as some, I have a fairly common name and throughout my life I have seen the evolution of my name along with the person attached to it.   For a while, I was Mikey.  Thankfully that was a short-lived period of time...it pretty much en...
d I Am Grateful For OOpsortunity I Am Grateful For OOpsortunity As a native Angeleno, I am well aware of bumpy roads.  I also know that the road of life is rarely straight and narrow.  At least I haven't found that to be true. I am certain I am not alone acknowledging that this road can have many...
n I Am Grateful For A Lifetime Of Learning  I Am Grateful For A Lifetime Of Learning     For me, learning is an adventure. Ongoing.   Each and every day.  It could be called the ultimate 'do anywhere, do anytime' type of activity.  It is definitely a part of life.   As a child.  We grow. In numer...
 Blissfully Unaware Blissfully Unaware  There may be moments when the idea of being blissfully unaware is appealing.  Merriam Webster has one definition that informs us that being blissful is complete happiness.  How nice.  However unaware can have a negative definition including ignorant and oth...
i It Was A Dark And Stormy Night... A Not Too Scary Story Of Two Very Different Blog Post Ideas It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...  Not exactly.  As good an opening that may make for  a story but that isn't the case this time:  in fact, it was not dark nor stormy.  The first days of Fall were begi...

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