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 That Gnawing Feeling   That Gnawing Feeling  I have been thinking.  About gnawing feelings.  And other things.  Gnawing as a word goes way back.  To old English times according to dictionary.com.  Often associated with pain.  That wasn't exactly what I was thinking.  Persistent?  Perhaps.  Antic...
 About School Daze    About School Daze  First of all, it isn't actually a daze which is defined as a bewilderment of sorts so it must be another case of some pondering.   As the school year begins in many parts of the country it seems appropriate(to me) that my mind wonders and wanders about sch...
  On StorytellingAnd So Much More   On Storytelling And So Much More  I recently visited Santa Fe, New Mexico: my second visit in two years.  It was a part of a yearly event called Indian Market where local artisans gather along with hundreds of thousands of visitors.  Primarily an open-air marke...
  Pondering My Personal Tickler File   Pondering My Personal Tickler File I think it's great to know there is a virtual warehouse of good things that is available and can be found in our personal tickler file.  Ready for us to find-as-needed(and just because) as a remembrance of the many good thi...
 A Bit Of San FrancisoArrived In Pasadena This Week...    A Bit Of San Francisco Arrived In Pasadena This Week... After some time away I ventured to my post office box this week and in it among junk mail and assorted  miscellany, I saw a hand-written envelope with a San Francisco postmark.   Insi...
 The Not So Strange Case Of Fat Fingers...    The Not So Strange Case Of Fat Fingers    It seems like an odd plot from an old Perry Mason television episode.  ActiveRain members who I have been following disappear. Without a trace. Hmm...maybe it's Miss Scarlet and Colonel Plum up to their old hi...
 The Pregnant Pause   The Pregnant Pause It's likely we each have experienced such an occasion.  As a participant or as an observer.   When is the baby due? You can almost hear the words come screeching to a stop as they are spoken.   Before any punctuation mark.  Embarrassing moments happen.  Aw...
  Wash And Wear   Wash And Wear  The advantages of things that are wash and wear are numerous.  While we may think of things that are connected to clothing, the extent and reach of aspects related to wash and wear go far beyond your closet.  Maybe those referenced aspects are tailor-made just for...
 Disconnecting Of Sorts   Disconnecting Of Sorts Disconnecting can be disconcerting.  Unsettling.  It can also be viewed as somewhat liberating.  Maybe an escape.  All sorts of things can happen when we disconnect.  For many reasons.  Some known.  Others not so known.   Sometimes you have to disc...
  So The Answer Is In The I...   So The Answer Is In The I...  You likely know of the phrase that references....in the eye of the beholder.  Typically it is attached to appearance as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  And you certainly don't have to think about it too long.  Much like any o...

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