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  Off In The Distance  Off In The Distance  And then something happens.  Those things appear clearer that were once cloudy. Almost magically.  More distinct.  Perhaps more distinctive.  Becoming more obvious.  Not nearly so vague.  Lots of impressions are made on this path to clarity. In focus.  ...
  Questioning The Status Quo  Questioning The Status Quo. I have been wandering around ActiveRain.  Reading posts.  Commenting.  But also reading just for the sake of information.  Maybe just glancing at a post.  Maybe not giving it full attention.  Not commenting.  Learning. From some new-to-me ...
  Breaking The Ice   Breaking The Ice   This term may have different meanings around the country and during certain times of the year.  But I was pondering things while going through some questions in the ActiveRain Q&A section recently.   While answers often depend on the details of a situation,...
    Another New Kid On The Block        Another New Kid On The Block   Despite rumblings to the contrary, this is not a post about a boy band from the 1980s or 1990s.  Or any of those attempting to make a comeback.  Once again.   It's something we likely see throughout our travels everyday.  No n...
  Pondering Those Good Vibrations     Pondering Those Good Vibrations  This post title might cause you to channel the Beach Boys.  That's understandable to me.  I don't if it's my California roots but that 1966 song did bring back some old memories as the inspiration passed me on the road the oth...
 Slow Down You Are Moving Too Fast   Slow Down You Are Moving Too Fast  I have been known to speak too quickly.  Sometimes speaking before thinking if I am not mindful.  Moving too quickly.  Bypassing or skipping things as the world goes by.  There's a lot to be said for slowing down.  I am defin...
  And The Subject Was Roses   And The Subject Was Roses   The other day arrived with the sound not of a gentle pitter-patter but somewhat more intense. Definitely not a light rain or just a drizzle.  In Southern California we have experienced more precipitation than usual and most of us are grate...
Making A Right Turn From The Left Lane  Making A Right Turn From The Left Lane   Recently I saw it happen.  For a split second I wanted a police car to show up but it was early, very little traffic so I guess this may be example of  "No Harm".    I then wondered about changing directions.  Was th...
  No Rhyme.  No Reason.  Just A Thought.      No Rhyme.  No Reason.  Just A Thought. Things happen. And then they don't.   No complaints from me.  Not this time.  Disappearing posts.  Photos/images there one minute and then gone the next.  Comments going AWOL.  Other things happening.  Oh, well. ...
  On Adaptability    On Adaptability  I assume we can each appreciate the importance of adaptability in our lives.  A quick look at the Internet shows us this definition from Oxford Dictionaries that adaptability is the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.  Easier defined perhaps th...

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