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  That Elephant In The Room     That Elephant In The Room   You might be able to see it.  Yes, over there.  Grey, Gray or even possibly pink.  And then again, it might not be quite so clear.  Not tangible.  Not quite.   Large and not so large too.  Real or imaginary.  The likelihood of many scena...
  It's That Time Again:  Rabbit Redux Of Sorts    It's That Time Again: Rabbit Redux Of Sorts   And I guess it's down a rabbit hole of sorts.  Rabbit holes can be a familiar place but hopefully not so familiar they become commonplace. You know it's been said history repeats itself and that happen...
  Click Here For The Answer    Click Here For The Answer   Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.  Let us not to seek to fix blame for the past.  Let us accept the responsibility for the future.                                                        ...
  Man Of A Certain Age      Man Of A Certain Age I was listening to an episode of All Things Considered on National Public Radio with a segment where host Terry Gross was interviewing Ray Romano, the stand-up comedian most familiar to people for his real-life based television sitcom "Everybody Lo...
  Wondering If There Is Something About Mary      Wondering If There Is Something About Mary  As I was reading the news about Netflix and their proposed purchase of The Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, my mind wandered.  No surprise.  These things happen.   I have been to The Egyprian a few times...
  And Then    And Then  A Comment, A Quote, Some Searching And Then Voila  Well, this actually involved or evolved in a bit different way.   But it really did start with a comment. At least this ActiveRain post.  I can't(or won't) speak to how other posts(mine included) come to be.    Like most t...
   Six Of One    Six of One And A Half Dozen Of The Other.  We have choices everyday.  They are not necessarily of a Sophie's Choice consequence but there is a choice to be made.  Not a Lady or the Tiger Behind The Door either.  You understand the impact.   But there are choices we make.  With li...
  Taking The Fifth Dimension   Taking The Fifth Dimension   Mixing things up.  So to speak.  Taking the fifth.   The Fifth Dimension.  The mind wanders.  And yes it certainly meanders.   I have no evidence that any members of the award-winning quintet The Fifth Dimension ever chose to invoke the ...
   On The Second   On The Second  Do the one thing you think you cannot do.  Fail at it.  Do better the second time.  The only people who never stumble are those who never mount the high wire.  This is your moment.  Own it.                                                                          ...
 Fool Me Once...  Fool Me Once...The day started off fine.   Bright.  Sunny.  A nice and sunny Southern California day was anticipated. No foolishnesss in sight.  At least I thought so.  But it happened and as usual by surprise. But not really.  Not in hindsight. Additional thought made me realiz...

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