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Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Worry in the work day. If you're in the Real Estate industry or just plain human then you have probably faced one of life's enemies: Anxiety, Fear, and Worry. I think I have personally had more of a propensity towards anxiety and worry because I tend to be a control ...
Legacy Title One Day I was sitting in a networking meeting and this gal began to talk about Title Insurance and her company. I was already working with a few title companies that I was satisfied with so I didn't give much thought to changing who I was using. What I came to find out was that this ...
Have you met Dawn McCurdy? If you haven't met Dawn then your missing a key individual on your team. Dawn and I met about one and a half years ago at the local Colonie Chamber of Commerce. We exchanged business cards, but it wasn't until about 5 months later that we were able to finally sit down a...
Forward or Reverse Mortgage - Which one is the right one? Greg called me today from Saratoga, NY. He was referred by a friend of his who is currently in the process of doing a reverse mortgage on his home. He said that he currently had a private mortgage on his condo at 6.5% that had a balloon pa...
Acting Star or Mortgage Consultant - Who do you get your mortgages from?Should "The Fonz" (Henry Winkler), Alex Trabek, and Robert Wagner be allowed to sell you a mortgage? Last time I checked, Netflix and my online banking haven't merged Why do you only see commercials for reverse mortgages, but...
How to Play the Credit score Game: Many people don't know what most impacts their credit score. Very often I hear people state that they don't want their credit pulled for fear of their credit scores being negatively affected. So what is the scoop on how to get higher credit scores and keep them ...

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