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What is the vision for America from its leaders? Clearly, it’s one where the meek shall inherit our money, our praise, and eventually our lives. Anyone who is capable and productive - and proud of it - will incur the wrath of government upon him. So REALTORS had better watch out - because it’s no...
This video made me jump up out of my seat and cheer! Finally, a businessman who isn’t embarrassed by what he earns - and is willing to defend it in front of the mass purveyors of guilt, the Media. Every REALTOR should watch this clip and see what it looks like when someone stands up and says, Yes...
Everyone stand up and CHEER! In an industry marked by "we've always done it that way" insanity - not to mention dozens of people on Active Rain telling me recently that their calendar and magnet mailings still paid off - there is HOPE for the future! I'd like to award my first WELCOME TO THE FUTU...
As many of you know, our company has been running a real estate ready help desk we call TECH HOTLINE since 1999. Currently we're taking about 15,000-20,000 calls a month from REALTORS all across the world. Some companies contract directly with us to provide their agents and brokers with fast, fr...

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